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Complete Slim Home Theater
Crisp, detailed, room-filling sound from the smallest possible package! This is the perfect combination of compact Orb speakers & Marantz Slim Line receivers (4" tall). More savings with 50-70% off speaker wire and cables.
Regular Price: $1,387.00
Holiday Sale Price: $1,297.00
You Save: $90.00

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This system combines our award-winning compact speaker systems with the brand new Marantz Slim Line receivers. Together, you won't find a smaller system with a bigger sound!

This special package includes five single Mod1X Orb speakers, our compact subONE audiophile subwoofer and the Marantz NR1403 5.1 receiver.  For additional speaker performance, you can upgrade your center or front speakers to Mod2X or choose our Uber Ten subwoofer.   

On the receiver side, the package includes the highly acclaimed Marantz NR1403 receiver.  It is a great basic reciver and is tiny (barely 4" tall).  You can upgrade to the Marantz NR1504, which adds support for Apple Airplay, ethernet streaming (Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, flickr, etc.), Marantz Remote App (control receiver with Android or iOS device) and front HDMI and USB connections.  Y

ou can also upgrade to the NR1605, which also adds support for 7.1 audio or two zones of independent audio, as well as upscaling to the new 4K Ultra HD video standard. 
The 1605 has all of the capabilities of a full size receiver, and is barely 4" tall.  We love this receiver!

Likewise, the Marantz NR1403 is also a great receiver, at a fantastic price, without the extra bells and whistles.  If you can live without the wireless AirPlay and USB/Networking features, or won't use 7 channels of sound or dual zones, the ugprade to the NR1504 or NR1605 might not be worth it.

If you are looking for full size receivers or additional Orb speaker choices, check out our complete home theater selection as well as our regular home theater speakers, stereo speakers and computer/Ipod speaker packages that are not bundled with a receiver.

We are always happy to help you figure out what you need and the best way to get there.  If you have any questions, please send us an email at support@orbaudio.comor give us a call at 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834).


Our Mod1X and Mod2X satellites are constructed with a new custom-designed, full-range 3" aluminum driver, set in our exclusive 4 3/16" steel sphere enclosure.  The Mod1X and Mod2X satellites feature high end components, such as gold-plated binding posts, high-power neodymium magnets and oxygen-free internal wire.  They are assembled in the United States by skilled craftspeople with years of experience in electronics assembly.  

A Mod2X is simply two Mod1X connected together.  It is capable of louder output and also has a slightly extended frequency range.  This allows you to customize your system to meet your needs.  A Mod2X center channel will help enhance dialogue, and Mod2X for your front left and right speakers will enhance music and movies.  This is our most popular upgrade and is very cost effective.

Our speakers are available in Metallic Black Gloss finish and Pearl White, and you may select optional Hammered Earth, Hand Polished Steel , Hand Antiqued Copper or Hand Antiqued Bronze as well.  These custom finishes are quite labor intensive and would not even be possible if we were mass producing our speakers.

If you have any questions about home theater speaker placement, check out this link.

You can configure your system with one of our custom designed audiophile subwoofers, the 200 watt subONE and the 300 watt Uber Ten.  Both subwoofers offer best in class performance and provide deep, accurate bass that will satisfy the most discerning listener.  Like all Orb Audio products, our direct business model allows us to provide more for your money than almost any other brand, and both of these subwoofers outperform similar models that cost twice as much in stores.  Forget the muddy, boomy bass that plagues many systems...these subs are clean, deep and accurate and are great for both music and movies.

The subONE is a new design to mark our 10th anniversary selling speakers.  It is acoustically matched to our new Mod1X and Mod2X satellites and is included in most of our speaker systems.  It is the right subwoofer for almost all of our customers, the perfect combination of performance, size and price.  The subONE's critically acclaimed predessor, the Super Eight, won many rave reviews and was considered to achieve the most bass possible from such a compact enclosure.  The subONE builds on this success and features even better low bass performance, enhanced thermal and signal overload protection circuits, and auto-voltage detection.  It is also our first subwoofer available in furniture quality walnut veneer and our first subwoofer with a wireless option.  

The subONE features a high quality 200 watt hybrid amplifier that is conservatively rated to peak at over 400 watts, a super high excursion 8" (200mm) woofer and a very high-power magnet.  The subONE achieves the output usually reserved for much larger designs.  Any company can get bass out of a big, ugly box.  Most retail brands are forced to do it this way because their products are subject to multiple layers of markups and the products must have a low component cost.  Our direct business model allows us to achieve fantastic performance from a smaller cabinet by spending more on the amplifier, driver and quality of the cabinet.  We have the luxury of using better components and keeping our subwoofers as slim and stylish as our speakers.  It's not rocket science, but it's still science.

The Uber Ten is our answer to your requests over the last few years for a "cost is no object" design.  Of course, cost is always important, and we did not ignore it.   However, our primary design criteria was high performance, and the Uber Ten will blow your socks off.  It features a 300W hybrid amplifier, a proprietary high-excursion 10" (250mm) driver and it packs all of the punch of much bigger subwoofers.  We made the cabinet 1 1/2 inches larger (12" on the subONE v. 13.5" on the Uber Ten) for maximum performance while still preserving the compact nature of all Orb products.  Anyone can make a deep, high power subwoofer that is great at explosions and not much else, but that just didn't cut it for us.  We weren't looking for a sub that was just louder and deeper, we also wanted it to retain the musicality, snappiness and accuracy that has made our products famous.  To accomplish this, you basically need world class, audiophile components, and we designed every piece of the Uber Ten in this manner. 

To be clear, though, the subONE is the right subwoofer for most of our customers.  The Uber Ten is purely for those that have the extra budget and desire for bass beyond what is considered normal to most people.  If you have an especially large room, or just prefer your bass to be as deep as possible and don't mind the extra 1.5" of cabinet space, consider the Uber Ten.  Otherwise, put it out of your mind and go with the subONE.

All home theater systems ship with free attractive matching steel desk stands.   Our HOSS floor stands are a great addition to our speaker systems, ultimately stylish and handcrafted in the United States from polished steel.  Our TOSS floor stands, are another great option.  Our handcrafted BOSS desk stands allow you to upgrade your desk stands to a stylish stainless steel design that is simply stunning (or you can use the desk stands that are included with the speakers and pictured throughout the site).  Additionally, we have a variety of wall and ceiling mounts to attach our speakers in almost any situation.  For a limited time, speaker wire and audio video cables are on sale for up to 70% off in this package. 

As always, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.   Please email us or call us at 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834) if we can be of any assistance.



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