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The Inside Scoop On Audio Markups


The audio industry is cruel to your wallet.  You will routinely see markups of 100% or greater if you are purchasing your speakers through a store or home installer. At a recent trade show, we were given an offer sheet by a prominent audio company.  Their equipment is installed all over the world every day and if you've used a home installer or gone into a high end shop, you've almost definitely heard of their stuff. 

We saw a great example of how the Orb business model works for you. This company has a subwoofer with aretail price of $899.  We have all been trained to equate price with quality, so we say to ourselves "wow, that must be a nice sub."  And it is. However, the wholesale price of this subwoofer is $279!  That means a monster profit of $560 to the person that sold you the subwoofer, not the person that made it! That can't be good. 

So are you getting $279 worth of subwoofer or $899 of subwoofer?   Only you can decide.  We can ask the same question about the $2,000-$3,000 systems sold in stores, since the same math usually applies.  Are you getting a $3,000 system or a $1,000 system and $2,000 of markups?  With Orb, you don't have to worry.  Our $1,000 system is $1,000.  No one else gets paid to sell it to you.  You are buying direct from the manufacturer and eliminating the possibility of middlemen adding cost but not value.   

Here is a copy of the offer sheet:




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