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BOSS Stainless Steel Mod1X/Mod2X/Mod4X Desk Stands (Optional)

BOSS Desk Stand
BOSS Desk Stand
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Beauty.  Simplicity.
  Our optional handmade BOSS desk stands are fashioned from high quality US stainless steel and are designed to work with all Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X speakers.  Each stand has a handsome, 1/8" thick stainless steel base that is hand polished and includes a non-slip, composite rubber isolation pad to protect your furniture. 

BOSS is another labor-intensive product that is made possible by our direct business model.  All BOSS stands are custom made by a local artisan in California.  BOSS stands highlight the Orb commitment to bringing handmade, premium quality goods to an audio market drowning in plastic and fake wood. 

BOSS stands are an optional addition to your system, you can also consider our free basic desk stands.  Our basic stands and BOSS stands serve two different purposes.  While the basic desk stands included with our speakers are already attractive, BOSS stands kick it up a notch and deliver an overall look that is stunning.  They are a great way to enhance the look of your Orbs.  Our basic desk stands are designed from a minimalist approach to focus on our handcrafted speaker cabinets, while the BOSS have a more substantial impact on the overall look of the speaker. 

BOSS stands are also designed to complement our HOSS floor stands.  If you are using HOSS, the BOSS stands are an ideal choice for your other channels.  A truly stylish way to present your Orbs, and a sure conversation starter.

The pictures above show each speaker color mounted on a BOSS Mod2 stand.  BOSS is available for both Mod1 and vertical or horizontal Mod2.  If you have any questions about BOSS or any other Orb product, please give us a call at 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834) or email