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BOSS Wall Mount (Mod2 & Mod4/Vertical & Horizontal)

BOSS Wall Mount
BOSS Wall Mount
Sale Price: $39.00

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Stunning made in the USA quality. 
Each BOSS wall mount is hand crafted from American stainless steel to perfectly match our BOSS desk stands, HOSS floor stands and designer speaker cabinet finishes.  While our standard MultiMounts and Stud Mounts are also great mounting choices, many customers have asked us to make a wall mount that matches our other stainless accessories.  BOSS wall mounts are the answer to that call.

Orb Audio Boss Speaker Wall Mount

Beautiful hand finished steel grain. 
Each mount features a brilliant, hand finished grain that complements the entire Orb product line and simply screams "quality." 

Works both horizontally and vertically.  You can use these mounts vertically or horizontally, with our Mod2X and Mod4X speakers.  When installed horizontally, you can adjust the speakers up and down across a wide range.  When used vertically, you can adjust the speakers across from left to right.  The perfect mount for presenting your speakers with a decorator's flourish. 

Upgradeable.  You can even upgrade a Mod2X BOSS wall mount to fit a Mod4X speaker down the road, so Orb continues to be the most flexible high performance speaker system on the market.  If you are looking for a mount that makes a statement, this is your mount.