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Perfect for entry-level clients, high-end enthusiasts, or anyone in between.

The main benefit of our buy direct business model is that we sell high end audio equipment at entry-level prices.  So, our speakers are a great choice regardless of your level of interest or experience.  For first-time buyers, we find that some of clients have already spent a lot of time shopping around and learning the differences between the many home theater or stereo systems out there.  Others are really not interested in the technology behind audio equipment and just want to buy something good that is in their price range.  Orb is a fantastic solution for any of these first time buyers, because our speaker systems are constructed of components that we believe to be far superior to anything in our price class.  So, a first time buyer will get a much better system for their money and it will be a VERY long time until they have to be a second time buyer.  And, because our speakers are truly upgradeable, they may never have to buy another brand of speakers again.  And, you will be surprised.  No matter what you think, you will both hear and appreciate the difference between an Orb Audio home theater system and the speakers being sold through traditional retail channels.

Orb Mod1 home theater systems usually fall in the middle to top of the price range of many first time buyers.  When compared to the cheapest speakers out there, it is true that you might have to spend a little more to get an Orb system, but the difference in what you receive will be dramatic.  Traditional retail channels are heavily advertising a variety of inexpensive home theater systems in a box that are attracting interest because they include everything you need for home theater at a very reasonable price.  In one sense, this is a good thing because it is introducing millions of people to the notion of upgrading to home theater.  Unfortunately, many of the people that buy these systems will regret their purchases.  In many instances, these systems have a cheap, generic DVD player with a very low power amplifier, flimsy plastic satellites with bottom of the line drivers, and a passive, underpowered subwoofer.  If home theater interests you, than you should invest in a system that will truly bring your music and movies to life and look great doing it.  For a little more than the cheapest of the box systems cost -- and for about the same price as many of these systems -- you can match Orb speakers with proven, full function, high-power electronics of your choice (we sell a few options and can gladly recommend others in any price range) and really step into a new world.  Or, you can easily start with just two Mod1 satellites and have an audiophile stereo system for the same price as bookshelf speakers.

 If you are new to home theater, give us a call at 877-ORB-AUDIO or send us an email  We can help you with the cost/benefit decisions that go into finding the best home theater for your needs.  Even if you've already become a victim of cheap home theater, it is not too late.  Upgrade a few satellites to Orb and you will be in a new world.  Either way, with an Orb Audio system or with some thoughtful upgrades, you can have a high-end audio system for the price of the generic systems being sold in stores.