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  Orb is perfect for high-end enthusiasts.

Many people looking for a high-performance audio system are prepared so spend a lot more on speakers than the price of Orb. They are trained to do this by massive marketing machines that associate price with quality.  Obviously, there is the basic underlying fact that good speaker components are expensive, and the products that use them tend to be more expensive than systems that use cheaper parts.  But this does not mean that great speakers are required to have outlandish prices like $1,500 or $2,500 for five basic satellites and a subwoofer.   There are many industries that have been revolutionized by companies that sell high quality products at low prices by selling direct to their customers (think computers).  At Orb, we are trying to accomplish a similar task.  We started by determining the cost of using extremely high quality components and comparing that to the price of systems in the market.  The difference was astronomical.  Most of the speaker systems that compete in quality with Orb (and which sell for several times the price of Orb) are sold through traditional retail channels, or by companies that spend millions on marketing.  If you purchase one of these systems (the names of which are well known), a lot of your extra money goes to flashy advertisements and the intermediate markups of distributors and retail stores.  So, while these speaker systems might indeed also deliver high quality components and great performance, they do so at a high, wasteful cost.

The main benefit of Orb's direct business model is that Orb can use only the highest quality components for our speaker systems and deliver high-end audio equipment at groundbreaking prices.  For entry level clients, this means they will get an astronomical leap in peformance with Orb, for about the same price as a cheap, generic box system.   For the high-end enthusiast, the Orb advantage is about cost savings.  It means that you can easily save $1,000 and get a speaker system that will be as good or better than another speaker system that you might be considering.  So, even though our speakers are affordable, they are still a great choice for high-end enthusiasts, and you will not be disappointed in the quality or performance of our handcrafted speakers.  You can examine each of the components we use in our speakers and see what we are talking about.  Unless you insist on paying for a specific name on your speakers, and the associated advertising that ingrained that name in your head (snob!), then performance and price should govern your speaker purchasing decision. 

If you are a high-end enthusiast, we encourage you to try an Orb Audio speaker system.  Try a fully decked out Mod1 or Mod2 system, complete with our attractive HOSS stands.  We believe you will not find anything with such brilliant imaging and realistic, full sound for less than double or triple our price.  Our designer satellites and compact, powerful subwoofer will also be an attractive addition to any room.

When you buy Orb, you get more for your money, simple as that.  With our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you can try Orb with little risk and have plenty of money left over to start a DVD or music library or whatever else suits your fancy.  Please email us or call 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834) for more information, or explore the links throughout our website.