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People's Choice 5.1 System:  "There have been very few products, in the hundreds that I’ve reviewed, that I’d recommend this readily."

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"Score:  9/10.  Big, soulful sound...We've never heard bass so creamy and pure in a sub of this class."

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"For the quality sound Orb delivers, I would expect the People's Choice combo to run above the $3,000 mark.  I was shocked to see a price tag less than half that amount, at roughly $1100.  As far as I know, it is not possible to get another speaker set that will sound this good for that price.  Orb has put together an incredible product at one of the best prices on the market."
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"The unusual design and elegant build quality is unlike anything else we've seen at this price, and the fantastic performance is as good if not better than the KEF KHT 2005.3 system that bowled us over earlier this year.  Score:  9/10 - RECOMMENDED"

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Orb wins 2009 "Bookshelf Speaker Of The Year Award!!

"One of the best-sounding speakers under $1,000 a pair, in a shape that works with HDTV-centric installations."

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"We have to give this system and the company that builds it two enthusiastic thumbs up. The perfectly-matched satellites add an immersive aspect to movie watching and music listening that you just won't find in most competing systems, including those that cost thousands more."

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Mod4 Wins "Product Of The Year" Award!!

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"You would think something this good would be known far and wide....I highly recommend them."

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"Orb Audio speakers impressed me so much that I'm going to purchase my own set of these speakers. There's no higher recommendation I can give than to say that this is the product I personally want to use."
-  Jason Dunn,  

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"[T]he most affordable full-range speaker system I can think of that also offers audiophile-grade reproduction"
-  Ed Kobesky,   


Positve Feedback is one of the industry's most discerning publications, with an emphasis on the high end of expensive, audiophile components.  They know what to listen for, and when they asked for a review system we knew that they would be listening with a very critical, educated ear.  Well, the review is in and they loved the Orbs, as we had hoped they would.  Here is the summary of Ed Kobesky's article:


"the Classic One is the most affordable full-range speaker system I can think of that also offers audiophile-grade reproduction. When you factor in its inherent flexibility and considerable aesthetic appeal, it's a must-audition for anyone shopping in this price class, even if you're not specifically in the market for a sub/sat configuration. It's easy to assemble and just plain fun to play around with. Best of all, smart shoppers could easily assemble a highly capable system for well under $1000. That's spectacular given the high-quality sound on offer. Highly recommended. "

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"A winning entry in the micro speaker class"  --


When it comes to sound quality and the reproduction of high resolution audio, there is no more definitive source than Audiophile Audition.  A longtime trusted source for reviews of audiophile quality recordings, the folks at Audiophile Audition have a variety of reference and pro qualtity speaker systems at their disposal.  They recently took time out to check out the Mod2 system and the experience changed their entire outlook on compact speaker systems and single, full range driver designs like Orb.  In this case they compared our $1,370 system to a $7,500 Von Schweikert system.  These guys know speakers and when they say "Wow! Plenty of room-shaking low end" they know what they are talking about.  They also concluded that our compact speaker design is the first they've heard that "not only sounds convincing but fits in beautifully with the effort to offer small, reasonably-priced speakers which look great if you even happen to notice them at all. Add to this concept the ability to start out with as little as just two spheres and gradually build up to this Mod2 surround system, and you have a winning entry in the micro speaker class."  To read the full review, click here.


"Top 100 Products Of the Year" --


Another highly respected audiophile site has discovered Orb Audio.  Concluding that "you do not need a sophisticated ear to quickly conclude that the sound quality is beyond the price,"Ben Shyman glowingly praises the $999 People's Choice system:  "I was easily wowed by the remarkable detail and instrument separation these small satellites were capable of reproducing.   There is also no question that the Super Eight established itself here as a most capable product for deep bass, especially for its price.  I realized that I was sitting on my couch with clenched fists and tensed shoulders. Such a reaction would not have surprised me if I were listening to “War of the Worlds” on my high-end Revel speaker system, but to have a $999 speaker system solicit this type of physical reaction is a testament to its abilities."  To read the full review, click here.


"A New Global Power"  -- Home Theater Magazine




There are few publications in the field trusted more than Home Theater Magazine, brought to you by the same people that publish Stereophile.  Known for in-depth, critical reviews, we were pleased to see that the folks at HT mag agree that we have "a subwoofer that rocks"and a "huge, nonfatiguing sound."  While we are not quite yet the "new global power" they make us out to be, we are well on our way.  In the last 2 years we've shipped Orbs to more than two dozen countries and every state in the U.S.  To read the full review, click here.



WIRED Magazine:  Orb Ranked #1 Over Bose, B&W, Mission & Infinity (some twice!)

August and December 2005:  WIRED Magazine ranks the Orb Audio Mod2 system #1 over systems from Bose, B&W, Mission and Infinity!  "[F]or music and sound effects, the Mod2 rules.  It delivers the thumping bass and warmth that some of its competitors lack."  The Mod2 Home Theater speakers ranked above other designer systems that can set you back $1,000 more than the Orbs.  Why pay middlemen?  Buy direct and treat yourself to a vacation, buy a bigger TV or just leave the money in your bank account! 


"Little Orbs From Heaven" -- in depth review of the Mod2 speaker system

  Another very positive review, this time a critical listen of the Mod2 system used for playback of high resolution multi-channel audio.  "Mighty Mouse has nothing on these guys."    To read the review, click here.  

  CARGO Magazine:  Get Of The Week!"

Need another opinion?  See why Cargo Magazine was "knocked into the next zip code" by Orb Audio.  Click here for more information and to read the full review  


Editor's Choice!


The Orb Audio Classic Two is awarded an Editor's Choice by .  "One listen to these tiny speakers and you will swear you are imagining things.  Sound so loud simply could not come from speakers this small.  But it does.  What makes the Orb Audio Speakers so special aside from their great sound is the fact that they are so small."  Click here for more information and to read the full review


Best New Gadget 2005 CES -- Fortune Small Business Magazine


January 17, 2005:  "Best New Gadgets By Small Companies At CES" -- FSB Magazine, Dec. 2004.



"SNAG IT" - Sync Magazine  


January 16, 2005:  "Snag It"  Sync Magazine, Dec. 2004.  The word is getting out, and Sync is singing the Orb tune. 



News & Events



Wired Magazine NextFest  (2005, 2006)       


Orb was the chosen audio system for Wired Magazine's NextFest, an exposition that brings together innovations from top scientists, researchers, industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Offering more than 100 exhibits about the future of exploration, entertainment, transportation, science and medicine, communication, design, defense, and ­imagination this wastheshow of the year for both high tech and future tech.  In 2005, Orb rocked the NextFest Lounge with a Classic II using dual Super Eight subs and custom HOSS stands in a very large space.  For 2006, we upped the ante and had multiple systems throughout the exposition.  See you in 2007...



M3 Music Summit/Winter Music Conference '05  

May 2, 2005:  The Winter Music Conference is over, but the beat keeps going here.  See photos from the Wired Gadget Lounge by clicking here . 


Home Style Stereophonic


May 1, 2005:  Home Style Stereophonic, an art show exclusively featuring Orb Audio speakers, was a big success.  Click here to see what happens when you bring together leading established and underground artists and give them some Orb speakers to work with as their canvas .  If you thought you've seen everything...

  Orb Audio At The Record Plant

January 15, 2005:  See photos of recording engineer Storm 9000 as he uses Orb Audio Mod1 satellites for mastering his latest work at the world famous Record Plant in Hollywood, California.  Chosen for their ability to reproduce vocals with superb clarity and detail, the Mod1s did not disappoint.
  Orb Audio In Studio Number One Gallery!

Having recently completed the new Black Eyed Peas 'Elephunk' CD cover, and rock legend Tom Petty's new logo, founder Shepard Fairey and his crew are definitely big into the music scene.  Other music-related clients include Interscope, Sony Music, Spin, Virgin and Warner Bros.  Being a DJ himself, Shepard loves the slamming bass of the dual Super Eight subwoofers in his new Classic Two stereo speaker system. .

Orb Audio In Guitar Center Artist Lounge!

Nestled alongside vintage, autographed Gibsons and Fenders, Orb Audio is now on permanent display in one of rock & roll's hippest locations.  The private Artist Lounge at Guitar Center's world headquarters in Hollywood is one of the traditional stops for rock stars when they are in Los Angeles.  There, they receive their custom instruments and pedals,  listen to their demo recordings and escape the limelight.  Remember, every performer started out as some kid who loves music and loves the instruments that make it.  Now, all the top acts are listening to their latest tracks on an Orb Audio Mod2 Home Theater Speaker System, the same package that you can have in your living room.  "I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying our new speaker system, it is just fantastic," says Dave Weiderman, Director of Artist Relations for Guitar Center.  "It has added so much to my Artist Lounge.  Thank you so much."


Orb Audio On Extra!

The Orb Audio secret is getting out.  We were featured on the June 17, 2004 "
Hot New Stuff" segment of the nationally syndicated television series Extra , shown on NBC in most markets.  "Round out your home theater system with stylish speakers from Orb Audio.  Hang them on your walls or ceiling, or attach them to stainless steel stands.  [Designers say] the spherical design looks good in any's sexy, it's small, it's got big sound and it's got a low price."


Orb Audio At The Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival!

Orb Audio announced was selected to provide the sound system for the Artist's Zen Lounge at the three day Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival in Dallas, TX.  Orb designed a custom system for the 7500 square foot lounge, including twelve Mod2 speakers on eight-foot tall HOSS floor stands and six Super Eight subwoofers.  The system is powered by over 2100 watts!  In conjunction with the festival, some of Eric Clapton's most famous guitars will be auctioned off in New York City for the benefit of the Crossroads Centre.


  Orb Audio At The 46th Annual Grammy Awards!  

"Distinctive Assets prides itself on introducing only the most unique and hottest products and services to our celebrity clientele.  With our contract with the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) to create their annual GRAMMY Celebrity Gifting Lounge backstage, we realized that music and sound were paramount to its success.  We've worked with other major audio providers but nothing has compared to ORB Audio.  The sound quality of just a few speakers exceeded Distinctive Assets' expectations as well-seasoned Celebrity Lounge designers.  But most importantly, ORB Audio impressed the seemingly-unimpressible head GRAMMY and CBS executives who must ensure that the experience for their presenters and performers including Dave Matthews, Outkast, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, is superb.  Thank you, ORB.  Well done."

Vice President
Distinctive Assets, California, 2/13/04