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Orb Audio Customer Reviews

While we are very proud of all the good reviews Orb systems are getting in the mainstream press , we are even more pleased with the emails we receive from our clients telling us about their experiences with Orb.  The reviews below are all unsolicited comments sent to us by Orb owners.  When viewed as a whole, they give you a very good picture of how our speakers compare to what else is out there, as well as the excellent level of personalized service that we can provide as a small, employee-owned company.  If you have any questions, please send us an email at or give us a call at 877-672-2834 (877-ORB-AUDIO).


"We purchased a 7.1 system comprised of three Mod2s for left, center and right, four Mod1s for side & back surrounds and the Uber 10 subwoofer.  Only the price compares to our 11 year old Bose Accoustimass system.  Given that what we paid today for the Orbs was very close to what the Bose cost that long ago, the Orbs were much less expensive in equivalent dollars.

Once the speakers were installed and the needed alterations made to our receiver, we watched some scenes from Casino Royale (Bluray) and several songs from the Roy Orbison Black & White Night (Bluray).  Because we went into it expecting to be amazed by the results, we were set up for potential disappointment.  We need not have worried.  We really were astonished at the sound.  These speakers are quite remarkable. I am not going to say "for their size" because I suspect I would have to move to speakers many times the size & price to hear any improvement.
The Orbs were also a big hit with my wife, who selected the brushed steel finish, and really liked the way they looked in the room.  The fact that they are made in the USA, by US employees is a big plus, as is the direct sales approach.  This has been a great experience and anyone concerned about buying these "sight unseen" should not be.  We will recommend these speakers and the Orbs will recommend themselves to anyone hearing them at our house."
"When I purchased my new 65" television, I knew that the built-in speakers weren't going to cut it.  I looked at Bose systems but felt like I would be over-paying.  I looked at various Home Theater in a Box options but felt like I would be under-paying.  And then somehow I stumbled across Orb Audio. T he reviews were incredible and I really like the company's philosophy.  The staff is wonderful to work with and answered all my questions. Clearly they are passionate about their products.  As for the sound, the speakers started off excellent but they moved up to STELLAR once they had broken in for a week or two.  I was surprised that the break-in period made such a difference.  My brother visited me after buying a $2k Bose system only the week before.  He looked a little gray when he heard my Orbs and said that mine sounded at least as good as his. He should have talked to me before buying!
I now find myself spending a LOT more time listening to music.  My cable system has digital music channels, and I play them all the time now. TV and movies sound fantastic.  I purchased the Classic Two system, knowing that I can later upgrade it to Surround Sound if I decide to.  But my wife and I are extremely happy with the Classic Two as it is.  Well, thrilled would be a better way to say it. Well done, Orb Audio!"

"First let me say I'm a huge Orb Audio convert!  I purchased a set of the Mod1 speakers a few months back to replace my (broken) Bose Acoustimass system in the living room and I'm a customer for life!  Your stuff blows the Bose system away in looks, performance, price, warranty, service... And I tell everyone who asks! :)"


"If you remember, I bought a set of mod2's three months ago.  They fit really well into my prewired family room.  I always get compliments from anyone who hears them.  I watch movies I've seen before and it's like I am in the theater watching it for the first time. These speakers rock! Thanks again for a great product!"


"Thank you for all of your help and expert advice...I plan on letting everyone I know about your product knowledge, timely responses, and willingness to help.  I'm sure there is no other speaker manufacturer out there that offers the personal touch that you give to your customers (not like that  ;).  Thanks again."


"Thank you so much for your amazing customer service.  You're prompt, professional, polite, and your products can't be beat!  I love the new subwoofer.  Thanks again for being a uniquely well-run company. You're one in a million!"


"I just want to say that after a couple of years with your Mod2 speakers in a 7.1 configuration, they are the best...still to this day, I get compliments on how they sound so big yet are so small."


"I just received my Classic 2 Stereo Speaker system and wanted to say how impressed I am with the sound.  I replaced two very large, 30 year old JBL speakers and was skeptical about your tiny Orbs, but the reviews I read were glowing and I really needed to have smaller speakers to fit with some new furniture.  I don't have a high powered system, but do listen to a wide range of classical music and have just spent several hours trying all kinds of music -- I am thrilled with the sound, especially for the price.  Having recently retired from teaching music for 35 years, I look forward to showing off my new tiny orbs and offer you my congratulations on a great product."


"I just wanted you to know how satisfied  I have been with your product.   The speakers exceeded all expectations and your service department was not only prompt but very knowlegable.   You have a most satisfied customer."


"I purchased your Mod1 package with a center speaker upgrade.  I have absolutely love the speakers, so much so that I can honestly say it has changed part of my lifestyle.  Before having your speakers, I would listen to music when I had time.  I now make time to listen to music, because I enjoy the quality sound so much coming out of the Orbs.  Every time I listen to them I can't help but smile because of the happiness they have brought my life.  

I recently spoke with one of my neighbors and we found ourselves discussing speakers.  We exchanged information about the type and brand of speakers we each own.  He has recently purchased a set of tower speakers that cost $15,000.  I was instantly intrigued because I wanted to see how the Orbs compared.  Although I knew that the Orbs were not designed to compete with tower speakers nor are they in the class of the $15,000 speaker range, I still wanted to see how much better his speakers sounded.
I went to his home and he played six or seven different demo songs to really show what they could do, at all different volume levels.  I was amazed!!  They sounded identical to the Orbs.  There was virtually no difference in the sound quality from his $15,000 speakers to my Orbs.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I went right home and flipped through a few songs on my Orbs.  Sure enough, my ears had not failed me.  The Orbs sounded identical to his speakers.
When he finally came over to listen to the Orbs, he was also blown away, flipping through song after song after song trying to find the weaknesses of the Orbs.  After he was all done, he simply stated the the Orbs sounded really similar to his speakers.  Well done!!!  You, although you may not have intended to do so, have not only created a speaker that dominates the entire class of small speakers, but you have also managed to compete with and, in my opinion, surpass many of the high end speakers in the market, regarless of their type.  When you factor in the price, there is no better speaker on the planet!  Thank you for making a product that absolutely takes me away from the stresses and worries of life, and brings a smile to my face every time I listen to them."






"I had to write to you as I just finished setting up the Classic One System in my den.  What a great sound! I needed more space and these are everything that I read and heard about them.  They replaced two AR Connisseur 19 speakers along with a Celestion bass module.  I have had Paradigm for over 20 years and still have one system in one room ans a large Phase Technology 9.1 Premier system in another room along with a Paradigm subwoofer and a Phase Tech subwoofer.  This little system I am listening to right now doesn't have to take a back seat to either of the other two systems.  WOW! I'm tempted to replace all of ny systems with your speakers!"


"I just hooked up my People's Choice system and I had it professionally installed.  Prior to installation, I took out two Mod2s and hooked them up to my stereo and I was astounded at the clarity of sound and I even did a comparison to my larger stereo speakers and the Orbs blew away my Paradigm Titans.  The installer was very skeptical of installing these speakers and kept telling me I should have gotten a Bose 3-2-1 system.  Well, lo and behold after the final wire was connected to my system, we put in a CD and the speakers with the sub rocked my living room.  As they say in the credit card commercial, the look on the installer's face was priceless! 

I, too was hesitant in buying speakers I never listened to but I'm glad I took that chance.  Thank you for a wonderful product and I look forward to buying more speakers for my other rooms in my house."


"I just want to tell you folks that I am giddy with delight with the sound and quality of my "Classic Two Stereo Speaker System."  I bought this speaker system for my home office and have mated it to a 1970 Sansui 5000X tuner amplifier.  The sound is phenomenal, and the speakers are loud, too.

I have aBose Lifestyle 28system in my family room and I only wish that I knew about ORB before I bought the Bose.  I was quite happy with the Bose system when I got it, and it sounds good, but now after hearing ORB speakers I'm no longer impressed with the Bose.  I'm dying to switch to an ORB home theatre system, which I will do in time.  Know anyone that wants to buy a Bose system….??   In your case I find that doubtful.  I'll be back for more speakers soon, but meanwhile I'm telling everyone I know that's interested in good sound to check you out.  Everyone who's heard my ORB speakers is slack jawed with incredulity.  I just sit in my office, whenever possible, listening and smiling like a happy idiot!!!"


"You've hit a homerun with these speakers. After extensive research, I chose to purchase the classic II stereo system and I've been blown away with each piece of music I listen to on this system. By far, it is the most dynamic, enriching sound I've ever heard from a stereo, particularly at the price!  Without question, the best audio purchase on the market today! Thanks so much!"






"I recently purchased your People's Choice System and can only say that this has been one of the best electronics investments I have ever made. I was a bit suspect about ordering without the ability to hear the product, but no regrets. I matched with a mid level Denon receiver and the sound is incredible and while I was considering a BOSE system (caught up in the hype and marketing), the quality of your sound is better and at a more attractive price point. Not only is the sound great with DVD's, but is also great with CD source material. The Super Eight sound is so thick that some music with heavy bass seems as if your heart is going to blow out of your chest. Further it is half the size of that cruise liner sized subwoofer that BOSE tries to unload upon customers. Where can you hide that monstrosity unless you put a cloth over it and use it as a coffee table?  Great job, Orb Audio."






"Your speaker system is unbelievable unless you hear it.  Never did I think I would hear much of a difference from what I had.  Wow!  Was I wrong.  My old speakers are being trucked off to son to use in his basement. "






"Last night I was rediscovering my music collection.  What a mind altering experience to feel like the speakers were cut outs and on the other-side was the singer singing... I've NEVER experienced that level of realism.  It was truly worth the price for that single moment alone... Wild.  Oh, and the fact that my 2 year old daughter hugged them and asked them "how ya doin'?"  patted them and called them "friend."  That was worth the price (we took pictures of it I'll send them to you)  You've heard of WAF  (Wife Acceptance Factor)  these orb's are rated the highest...  Well add to that CAFF  (Child Acceptance Friend Factor...)"






"After about three months with my new home theater setup (Samsung 50" plasma and your People's Choice speaker system), I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I've been with the quality and performance of my Orbs. They sound great (which makes me happy) and look great (which makes my wife happy) . . . I'd almost call them unobtrusive, but that wouldn't quite cover the look of surprise on people's faces when I crank them up. "


"I just wanted to send a quick note to say how pleased I am with my Mod 1s. I wish that every item I bought on the internet came so promptly, was so carefully packaged, and was of such high quality."

"I wanted to compliment you on your speakers.  I had a stereo consisting of (2) 20" x 40" large box speakers and a sub doubling as a table lamp.  I want a home theater eventually with great sound.  My wife wanted the large speakers gone.  I purchased the Mod1, thinking they might replace the big speakers and later be used in the surround system.  I placed the Orb's on top of the box speakers to try them out, hooked the wires from the large box speakers to the Orb's.  I left my sub the same.  I could not tell my large speakers were not hooked up.  The Orb's range (highs/lows) is much greater than I anticipated.  My wife even appreciates the sound and loves the size.  The volume seems to be the same wheather you stand two feet away or at the back of the room, amazing.  I rarely spend the time on reviews positive or otherwise, but when my wife and I are both happy, I make the exception."

"I thought I would write to let you know how much I am enjoying my new Orbs.  I can see why you weren't hesitant about telling me they would be comparable to floor speakers.  That was my biggest concern, and all of Orb's claims have proven to be true.  I am amazed at how much depth, richness and volume they get – nothing like the tinny, thin sound I experienced in the past from satellite systems."


"I recently bought some speakers from Orb Audio about a month ago.  I bought a 7.1 set with a sub.  I also bought a new plasma TV and had a home install done by two gentleman that have installed hundred's of TVs and speakers.  This was the first time they ever heard Orb Audio.  They were completely blown away by the sound of the sub and the speakers.  They asked what I paid and I told them.  They figured I paid over $4000 for the set.  They were very impressed.  As for me, I am now on board as well.  I will be buying your speakers whenever I need to buy some more or to refer a friend.  I am very happy with the sound and the sub puts out the best bass I have ever heard.  I have bought at least 5 different speakers sets in my lifetime so far, and I am only planning on buying orb from hear on out.  I am hearing things that I thought were not possible.  
Also, your customer service is second to none.  I had a few questions and every one of the answers has meet my needs.  Thank You for all the help and for a great speaker."


"I do love my Orb system.  In fact--as I predicted,but silently--my wife commented today while playing HER stereo in the living room, that it didn't sound as good as my Sonos system with the Orbs.  She has some giant speakers from another manufacturer, but I was never really wild about them, even though she loved them.  I told her that I predicted that I would eventually have to getrid of her large speakers and end up with Orbs in the living room too, because I knew that she would like myOrbs that much.  It seems that now it's only a matter of time, and the best part is, I won't have toconvince her... she will probably insist that I upgrade her stereo with speakers from Orb.  Talk about a positive WAF (Wife acceptance Factor)for the Orbs!  I wish that all of my techno-gadgets and high-end toys would be so well received by my wife!"

  "Amazing sound! I recently purchased the Mod2's w/ super eight to replace some rather large JBL L5's that cost 3 x's as much 10 years ago. The sound is superlative, providing much more accurate detail then I ever got out of the L5's; not to mention a tight room thumping bass when called for.  Thanks for the first class service. As I add listening zones throughout the house, I will be back to order more."
  "I installed the Mod 2 system in July of this year. I am very pleased with the overall performance of the system. The Super 8 delivers plenty of wallop and the Mod 2 speakers don't miss a note. I am hearing sounds on the CDs that were not present with by Bose front speakers and Infinity surround sound speakers. They are connected to a Harman/Kardon AVR 320. You do not need a megawatt A/V system to get quality sound with this set up. My neighbors are impressed with the looks and performance of such a small system. I am glad I found your web site. I would have been unhappy if I had bought another Sub/ Satellite system and then listened to your system. Thank you very much for a super system."

"I really can't get over how great these speakers sound.  They fit our room perfectly.  I've had my Celestion DL8 speakers since 1991 and thought I'd compromise a little so we could have more space in our living room.  (No longer a bachelor) The DL8s are pretty old and have lots of miles on them but are still a desirable speaker. They sound much better then the DL8s."


"Just a note to say thanks for the great system.  I received evertything right before Christmas, and it made it to Florida in perfect condition.  The on-line manuals were very helpful, and my son and I got it up and going in short order.  The sound is amazing, and I will spread the word about your company.  I am totally impressed with you product!"


"Just wanted to let you know, it has been just over two years since my purchase of my orb speakers and I have NEVER been more satisfied with a product than I have with your speakers! I recommend them to everyone who will listen."

  "Well NOT be expecting my ORBs back, they are staying!!!! My sub arrived just as you said and I wasted no time in hooking up and blasting off!!!  The Super 8 is, well....SUPER.  Hard to imagine that much bass from such a compact size but you did it.  Nice job!!!  All my mod2s sound just as other customers said, GREAT!!!  I am totally satisfied with all aspects of your products. You guys did a great job, thanks for your efforts!!!"
  "I set up my Orb Audio system and I was amazed by the sound quality that came from the speakers.  I am hearing details in the music that makes it come alive.  I was missing the cozy bracket from my order.  I contacted customer support and I received the brackets in three days!  The quality of customer support and the quality of the sound from the speakers is incredible.  Thank you for a great product and service."
  "I used to have much larger, more expensive speakers from a company whose name is the same as the last name of a 1800s former U.S. President in the old house, which sounded terrific. This time my wife asked me to scale down the size of the speakers, so as to not intrude on the children’s play space so much. After much consideration, I chose to give your “People’s Choice” home theater package a try. All I can say is “Wow”. For a system this size, these things sound amazing. They fill the room, and more. And, the base response out of that 8” sub is simply unbelievable for a box that small. My wife, our 21 month oldFinding Nemofan, and all of our friends and family are really impressed by the sound your speakers put out. I will soon be buying a set of the Classic Two stereo speakers so we can have music in the living room of the home.

By the way, I am also a trumpet player, and I play enough music to know what really good sound reproduction should sound like. This is it. Thank you for making this small part of our life feel so much like home again."

  "I purchased your speakers over a year ago and i am thoroughly pleased!  Your speakers have yet to falter under hi or low volume levels!  I recomend these speakers above Bose and any other speakers of this size!  My purchase was worth every penny!  Thanks again!"
  "I am blown away, and this is from an audiophile from way back (think SAE in the late 70's, Macintosh, Bang and Olufsen, Harmon Kardon, Denon)....they are classic examples of how pristine sound is SUPPOSED to sound!  Thank you...I may be replacing every system in my house with Orb Audio"

"I received all of the equipment and I'll say that I'm blown away.  Great looking speakers and they amazed me with everything I threw at them.  Acoustic Rock and Live performances sounded like I was at the concert recording them.  I wish your system was free because I would give it away to everyone I know.  Great product!"

  "I purchased a Mod II system a number of months ago and rennovation we just completed incuded integrating those speakers into the room.  I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with both the sound and the quality of your product.  The great sound really makes for a true theatre, and listening to music is equally rewarding.  Even the packaging demonstrates your commitment to delivering an outstanding product. I was also very impressed when one of your fulfillment team realized that I had ordered one of the sets of speakers in the wrong color and they contacted me before shipping, that plus the fact that when I realized I needed a different bracket configuration, you sent me the parts for free demonstrates that you are a true customer service company. Thank you, and I wish you continued success."

"Well it has been about 1 year since I purchased my speakers (Peoples Choice).  Everyone that comes to my placelove the look and the sound of them.  I am blind and I cannot see them but from the way that friends and family describe them I can get an idea of how stunning and distinctive they are.  Because I am blind the sound is what really matters to me, and my speakers really paint an audio picture for me and they bring what ever I am listening to to life."


"Purchasing the Orb Audio speakers is the best upgrade I could have made to my home stereo.  Now I go home every afternoon and rediscover my music collection.  Better yet, when watching DVDs or TV, we can now keep the volume lower, because the dialog is so much clearer than before.  Thanks!"


"All of the little beauties and the subwoofer are now installed and I can honestly say I am flabbergasted at the quality of the sound.  SO happy not to have 2 or 3 monolith towers taunting me from the front of the room.  Never liked that look and never will.  Also very glad I did not go with built-ins.  Music is clear, crisp, non-fatiguing, deep, and satisfying.  The cinematic experience is much better than a commercial theater.  I definitely believe I am getting the better end of this deal."

"I finally decided to upgrade my speakers, a pair of Bang & Olufsen RL 60.2's that I have owned for about 14 years, and like so much that I completely rebuilt them about 2 years ago and built a custom MTM center channel that incorporated the same drivers.
Recently I have been looking for something that would offer a better blend with the rear channel for music, and better dialouge than the MTM center channel provided.  I was curious about the Orbs and noticed that once their happy customers was someone replacing the same B&O speakers.  I decided that given the return policy I had nothing to lose in given them a try.  I decided to keep my sealed subwoofer, and try the Mod2 Quickpack 5 channel setup.  At first I was not completely thrilled as I was unable to match up my existing subwoofer (a custom 12" sealed design).
So I decided to take two of the Orbs from the rear channels of the Mod 2 system and moved them up to my studio for a better 2 channel comparison to a pair of Tannoy System 800 reference monitors that use the 8" version of Tannoys Dual-Concentric point-source driver.  To be fair, I wired the Tannoy's so they would act as the "subwoofer" when I was listening to the Orbs.  In this setup the Orbs actually outperformed the Tannoys.  In fact, they found a permanent home in my studio, so I matched them to a sub and the Tannoys are up on E-bay.  This is amazing to me that two of these small Orbs and a sub were able to replace a pair of studio monitors that would cost more than $1,400 new.
Then I gave the rest of the Orbs another try back in the home theatre.  What was left was essentially a people's choice system after removing the two orbs the went into my studio (I love the modular aspect to these).  Now that I knew what the Orbs were capable of, I found a way to match my existing sub (the sealed 12" monster) to the orbs...The resulting sound is amazing...the Orbs simply disappear and let you enjoy the movie.  my girlfriend noticed the difference immediately - the dialouge is much clearer.  FYI the Mod 1 rear channels have no problem keeping up with the Mod 2 center and mains.  The B&O's finally met their replacement.
For anyone considering BOSE?  The last casualty to the Orbs was a Bose Acoustimass Sat/Sub system in a room where my listening is more of the background type, and where I preferred something very small.  I was less picky about the sound in this room and have settled with the Bose for some time.  After living with the Orbs for a while in other areas of the house, I simply couldn't listen to the Bose any longer.  I ordered another pair of the Orbs to replace them and the Bose are heading for E-Bay. 
Overall, the people at Orb ar great to deal with and offer an excellent product.  The Orbs sound very smooth, have amazing imaging and detail, and when crossed over at 100hz-120hz, are capable of playing clearly at ear numbing levels (really).  While there seem to be some very slight trade-offs (as there is with just about any speaker), but the benefits of this design far outweigh what trade-offs there are.  They have proven themselves against all of my other speakers for either two channel or multi-channel listening.  In fact, during two-channel listening to a stereo source, I would sometimes swear the center channel is active even though there is no signal being sent to it...these just image that well.  Having built my own speakers in the past, and comparing to more expensive speakers, I can tell you that the Orbs are a value.
One warning to anyone considering the an E-bay account and start collecting some boxes because you you may soon find yourself selling everyotherset of speakers you own.  O'h, and good luck trying to find Orbs on E-Bay...nobody is selling theirs."

I have been using my Orb Mod2 5.1 system for a few months now and it’s incredible.  I’ve always thought that the only way to get realistic sound was with big, bulky speakers but these have proven me wrong.  The clarity is incredible.  The sound coming from any of the Lord of the Rings or the 2 Mummy movies is completely immersing and I couldn’t ask for more.  I am very happy with my purchase. "

"It has been 3 months that I've had your mod 2 system in my home.  This system is quite a departure for me, since I've always owned "big" speaker systems going back to the early 1960's. Wharefdale W-70's bought in 1965 were my first true "High Fidelity" speakers and they were replaced by my AR-3a's in 1970 (they are still working and in great condition today), followed by a pair of DBX Soundfield 100's in 1987 and now, after all the years of wonderful enjoyment they gave me, they have been replaced by your Mod 2 system.  A Yamaha HTR-5990 powers your speakers and I am amazed by the openess and depth of the soundstage delivered by this 5.1 (soon to be 7.1) system. 
My interest in music reproduction goes back to 1951, when I first started listening to LP's and 45rpm records.  My first stereophonic system was powered by an old AKAI 4-track reel-to-reel tape recorder, purchased in the late 1950's. It came with its' own speakers (an 8" woofer with an internal tweeter) and the unit had its' own tube amplifiers to power them.  55 years have passed, since buying my first LP's.
As my systems were upgraded and improved, I would always listen to the "speakers" ... "hey, can you hear that?" .... But in 1987 all that changed when I bought the DBX Soundfield 100's, since they finally made listeningTOthe speakersa thing of the past.  Their reproduction of sound to my ears (and to Mr. Julian Hirsch of Stereo Review - January 1987) made listening to the music, the most important thing to hear... it was no longer the speakers. 
Why did I buy your speakers?  Why finally replace the DBX's after all this time? Your in-home-trial and outstanding reviews by Home Theater Magazine and others piqued my interest and I knew I had "nothing to lose" by trying them   Design constraints in my listening room, also made a smaller system a "better fit." 
I'm sure that "wizardry" is involved.  What other explanation can there be for the sound that I hear when this system is playing.  Whether it be in 2 channel stereo or 5.1 surround sound, when I'm watching a DVD or HD programming on my HDTV, I'm "blown away" by the clarity and "faithful reproduction" of sound being reproduced for my listening enjoyment.  The system "melts away" and only an entire wall of beautiful music is in my room.  Loud or quiet ... it makes no difference, the full frequency spectrum of sound ... from the deepest to the highest frequencies ... are easily reproduced by this system.  
I plan to update very soon to a 7.1 system.  Thank you so much for building and offering your product for such a reasonable price.  It is truly an amazing speaker system." 
"Hi, I have always been a fan of small speakers since you can have your room and not be bogged down with huge speakers to stare at and them staring at you.  I recently purchased the 6.1 system since this is the Sony receiver that I had.  I have a dts sampler dvd that plays popular movie trailers with all the good parts.  Everytime I sit in front of the tv I am amazed as well as everyone that I have brought over to hear these little guys.  I had the Bose system and they sounded OK and I have an uncle that has spent over $15,000 in his audio/video and I gotta say, I feel real good knowing that I have a whole lot of money still left in my pocket.  And nobody can knock the sound that comes from these speakers. T hank you for providing such a great product and I challenge anyone to take the 30 day in home trial because after the first day of you putting in all your cool movies that boom and rattle the windows, you'll be throwing away the boxes and coming to this site and writing as I am.  Thank you again." 

"I just wanted to write you to say how thrilled we are with the Orbs.  We have been in the middle of a house re-model and have not been able to unpack them until last week.  We bought the whole enchilada:  Mod2s front, rear and center plus the Super Eight subwoofer and the wonderful HOSS stands.

I mounted the fronts up high in the corners with 11 foot ceilings and directed them toward the center of the room.  The rears, mounted on the HOSS stands, are lovely to look at and we are getting many compliments.

OH!!!! The sound... well... it is amazing.  We are just thrilled and they get better by the hour as they break in.  I'll be down in L.A. again to pick up another set of speakers this year.  You guys have a great product and a terrific business model that allows you to use the best componants and still offer these wonderful little gems at a resonable price.  And the fact that they are hand made in America is EXCELLENT.  I love that.  Best of luck to you and the entire Orb Audio team."

"It has been over three weeks since I began listening to the Orb Mod2s (People's Choice System)... The Super 8 is a serious subwoofer and complements the Orbs with a robust, tight sounding bass that can shake the floor.  I was impressed by the Super 8's ability to reproduce distinct bass at lower volume levels.  Comparing the Orbs to other speakers I have owned, I give them high marks for the following strengths: they sound clean and natural; details in the music are more evident; deliver ample soundstage with distinct imaging on better recordings; create a pleasing and realistic ambience when configured properly for the listening room.  After configuring the Orbs and subwoofer to my living room, I found that they sounded virtually the same no matter where I sat or stood.  For this price, the Mods and Super 8 are the closest you can get to speakers that sound like those in the more expensive, high end class. One final note: The Orbs have a solid build and are aesthetically quite pleasing. They are a great marriage of form and function.  I'll be keeping these little beauties. They have lived up to their advertised claims and perform even better than I expected. Congratulations to Orb Audio for producing a high quality product for a fair price and manufacturing the Orbs in the USA."

"Please pass on my compliments to everyone at Orb.  I have had a fantastic weekend revitalizing films with the Orb setup.  The soundstage is clear, wide and warmly defined.  It's an odd shaped room that I have it set up in and the setup along with the Pioneer cope ably with the demands placed upon it from 5.1 sources to stereo music to TV remixed to virtual 5.1.  It's fantastic kit.  Well done.


"It’s a rare treat when I feel compelled to sing the praises of a productandthe service I have received.  We have had the People’s Choice Home Theater System installed for 2 months, and are still saying “WOW”. My first choices were Klipsch Reference or Mission; my wife preferred the inexpensive, small form factor HTIB. I don’t remember who told me to look at your web site, but I am ecstatic that I did. Once the system settled in, the sound is unreal!  Purchasing a system prior to hearing it would never have entered my mind.  But the way my questions were answered by your personnel, coupled with the 30 day trial, convinced me to order.  This is a system you will not be getting back. Please continue to under-promise and over-produce, it’s a great business model."


"I am writing to tell you how unbelievably pleased I am with my 7.1 Mod2 Orb Audio set up.  I had been comparing several systems including Bose and Polk for some time.  When I finally heard the Orb Audio system connected to my Onkyo 803 THX receiver, I was blown away...seriously stunned by the accurate imaging and crispness of sound.  It's hard to convey to people who haven't hear Orb Audio's products how beautiful they sound and how much of an emotional connection is created between the buyer and the speakers.  You really develop a relationship with them, not just based on the overwhelmingly beautiful sound reproduction but with their modern classic design.  I ran my Onkyo DV-SP1000 SACD player through the Mod2 system and experienced music in an entirely new way.  It's like listening to music and movies in an entirely new light.  You have brought back a new enjoyment for movie and music content in our new home...and we are very grateful for that.  I was so happy with the 7.1 Mod2 system, that I purchased a simple Mod2 stereo set up to use with our Mac workstations.  A Parasound Vamp V3 was the perfect small footprint amp to drive the system.  The result is a rich, balanced system we feel confident enough to use for video editing and music production.  Prior to the Mod2 set up, we were using a Genelec 7060A subwoofer and Genelec 1029A system totally some $4,000.  The Orb Audio set up blew away the Genelec system, providing much more accurate imaging and much more accurate bass through the Super 8 Sub." 


"Well, I am so glad that I chose to check out the internet for "home theater systems" after visiting a major retailer of home audio equipment and listening to some systems in their sound room.  We were trying to find a surround sound system that would equal the sound from a Bose system without paying the price of a Bose system.  Since the store's systems just weren't hitting the mark, I checked the internet and found Orb Audio right away.  Emails were returned quickly, phone conversations were helpful and when they failed to send a specific wall mount ordered, they sent it out the next day, express mail. The service was great!  We went with the People's Choice package for our family room and shopped on line for a Pioneer VSX-815 receiver.  The combination is just unbelieveable.  When my teenager comes into the room and tells me that he thought that someone had their car stereo cranked up out front only to find out that I was watching a movie and my wife tells me that the glasses were shaking upstairs when the bombs exploded during Tears of the Sun...well I guess we found the right system for the right price from the right people. And by the way, the volume was not even close to being turned up high. Can't say enough about the system. Good luck on your business and a great 30 day trial." 


"Hello.  All I can say is holy crap.  The Super Eight sub is the most amazing thing I have ever heard.  I have an average living room which is 15 by 19.  I have only heard deafening bass like this at rock concerts.  This thing fills my room and the rest of the downstairs.  Good job on designing this sub.  I would be willing to spend $1,000 or more on a sub of this quality."


"Your Orb Audio Mod2 speaker system blows our Polk Audio Model 7 Studio Monitors out of the water!  Your speakers live up to your advertising. We couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase.  In the future we'll reconfigure the system to a 5.1 home theater. American products can be the best."


"It's been just over a week since my Peoples Choice system arrived and I just wanted to send a note telling you that everything is absolutely perfect.  The speakers are beautiful and sound awesome.  My wife who initially wasn't enthusiastic about me ordering your system now wants to get a big TV to mount on the wall between the front left and right speakers.  Mounting went smooth including the ceiling mounts with electrical plate covers.   It's great that you offer the combo sets because the white speakers on the ceiling for my rear channels are barely noticeable when walking into the room.  My co-worker who just bought a Bo$e theater system 2 months ago now wishes he could send his back and get Orbs but he is beyond the 30 day return period.  Too bad for him.  Thanks again for your e-mail support and help on the phone."


"I purchased a Mod 1 - 5.1 system with the center speaker upgrade and received the set the day before New Years Eve.  I have to say, they sounded so nice that I almost stayed home and canceled my NYE plans so I could listen to them longer.  I have quite a history in the high end audio industry.  I was a store manager for several years and spent more than 7 years working in the field.  I have owned just about every Kef speaker on the planet and had a set of 104s that were to die for.  I have owned 3 sets of Magneplanars (one I currently still own) and love them, and I have also been down the sub/sat road to the tune of M&K MX200 sub and s125 speakers.  That was an awesome package at about $4000 for the set at the time.  I tell you ORB has the best bang for the buck on the market.  Do they out perform the M&Ks ...probably not, but they are significantly smaller.  The M&Ks were much more like tall thin bookshelf speakers and they had a volume advantage.  Sound quality is similar though.  I just wanted to tell you that your product rocks like UT football baby!!!"

  "I wanted to take a few moments to write and express my appreciation for making this a very easy decision and an enjoyable purchase!  I was given advice on speaker placement as well as which setup to purchase and was pleasantly surprised to have the person advise me to get FEWER speakers than I was planning to.  That was a unique experience in and of itself.  However, the best part of the whole thing wasn't until I received the speakers.  Beautiful packaging job!  They showed up in pristine condition, looking absolutely stunning  These speakers truly are works of art.  Once my room is completed, I'll be happy to share the pictures.  Installation was a cinch!  The mounting brackets are well-made and very easy to install.  With the pictures, it was easy to see how to connect the Mod2 speakers together.  As far as the setup goes, with all the instructions you provided, I barely needed to open the manual for the receiver!  The BIG test was the sound... and did these ever DELIVER!!!  WOW!!!  That probably says it best.  They sound amazing with very crisp highs, great mids, and a sub that just kicks *ss!  I've adjusted the sub to about half power and it still shakes the house.  Honest to God, I went outside to make sure the neighbors weren't going to complain about the bass!  I can crank up the bass for parties and turn it down for movie watching.  It's perfect in every way."

"It is very rare that I ever contact a manufacturer or service provider and rave about a product, but this seems to be a good time to do it.   I am so impressed with the Orbs and I cannot believe my good fortune at stumbling across your web site as I was shopping for a sound system.  They are everything they are advertised to be.  The sound is so clear that I am hearing parts of music that I have listened to for years, it seems for the first time.  Movies are better than theater.  I had a friend install them to my Denon receiver and his first comment was:  "I am really impressed with those speakers."  He installs over 300 sound systems a year in new homes with custom designed home theaters.  Orb is a good example of American ingenuity. Build it better and people will buy it.  Not only that, but your customer service is outstanding. It is refreshing to deal with people who are passionate about their business."

  "Installed my Mod 2 system, and all I can say is “WOW”.  I've spent a lot more on systems, and gotten a lot less.  They're performance exceeds expectations, and they even look like art mounted on the wall.  I couldn't be happier.  Thanks!"

"Over the past month I was unable to hook up my new Mod2s due to many failed attempts from other internet based companies to deliver a receiver that was promised to be in stock...and of course was not.  So, to make a loong story short, I finally received my receiver (Sharp SD-PX2) and hooked them up to your Mod2s.  The sound and quality of your speakers is wonderful  At 35 watts per channel from my receiver, the sound clarity and fullness of your speakers blows me away.  Better than the B&O Redlines that they replaced.  The subwoofer sound is wonderful also and is a perfect complement to the speakers.  Usually I am disappointed by private industry customer service, but you folks delivered.  Real craftsmanship AND customer service...what will they think of next?"


"I ordered from Finland and would like to say that Orb has an excellent product. Your business model is great.  And your attention to customer details is extraordinary."


"I wanted to take the time to let you know what an awesome product you have. I am not only achieving great sound quality, but also getting great looking product. The pre sales service and shipment was top notch."


"I just wanted to let you know that you can add me to the list of satisfied customers singing Orb's praises.  I'm delighted with my Classic Two system.  The satellites are 1/5 the size of my old speakers, and the Orbs utterly stomp the old ones into the dust in terms of both volume and pristine clarity of sound -- even before they're fully broken in.  There are records I've listened to hundreds of times over the past two or three decades that I have never fully heard until now. The speakers are also beautifully designed, and your shipping and packaging are excellent."


"I just want to say that the Orb speaker system is simply beyond my expectations in every way.  The small globe satellites cladded in antique copper is a work of art.  Its pure form along with the hand-rubbed copper finish looks fantastic in my Arts and Craft bungalow.  And the sound is fantastic.  For movies, it far exceeds the sound quality of the most expensive Bose satellite system or any satellite system I have every heard.  For stereo music, the sound is unbelievable.  These tiny speakers can compete with the sounds of many high-end floor standing speakers.  The sound from the Orb is so good, I gave away both my bookshelf and huge floor standing speakers.  As for as customer and technical support, you guys are the best.   Please thank your staff for spending a good deal of time helping me fine tune my system via phone and email."


"I just purchased your Mod 2 speaker package and unfortunately, I now have a very expensive set of Boston Acoustics that are now sitting on my floor without a home.  I'm putting together a sound system for a 30x20 room where I had planned on using the Mod 2's and decided to do the 30-day test on my existing system (a 15x12) room.  But after hearing them, not only am I keeping them I'm strongly considering leaving them in the "test" room and purchasing another set for my new audio/visual room (i.e. the room I had originally planned on using the Mod 2's).  FYI, I really tested out the mid-range of your speakers by playing some voice solo's.  I was extremely concerned that the speakers would sound "tinny" and I wouldn't be able to get the mid-range out of these speakers.....they proved me wrong. Q uite honestly, they were on par with a pair of Vienna bookshelves that I tested.  I wish you luck with your have a great product!!"


"I love the system. There is no comparison to the sound versus my Bose Acustimass (the three front single cubes with the two Bose 100 back speakers).  I was so pleased, then I realized the power to the subwoofer was off!   So with that turned on, wow.   I will be purchasing some more speakers in a few months..."

"To say that I am totally satisfied with my Orb's is a major understatement!  Your speakers are everything they are billed to be and then some.  I researched quite extensively before I bought and my research always brought me back at Orb Audio.  Your business model proves you can make a quality product at an exceptional value.  I have had my Orb's for about six months and meant to send these pics in and say thanks for a exceptional product for some time, but was reminded again this weekend after showcasing your work.  We hosted a dinner party with some friends and ended up in front of the big screen watching U2 - Live at Slane Castle.  Our friends were completely blown away by the sound of the Orb's and how unbelievable Bono and the band sounded on the Orb system.  Lastly, the Super Eight sub is fantastic!  I have never heard bass reproduced so tight and crisp on any subwoofer under $1,000+.  You deserve all the positive reviews you are getting!  Keep up the good work!
"Let me tell you, Orb Audio speakers far surpassed my expectations!  I'm a drummer and know good sound when I hear it.  I've now ordered my second subwoofer to balance out my fantastic home-theater 7.1 system.  I'm powering all of this with a Yamaha 900 watt amp and it ROCKS!  Great job on the fine engineering of your speakers and exquisite sound reproduction!  I rave to all of my friends and co-workers about your products and send them to your web-site!  You guys build the finest speakers I've ever heard!"

"Just thought I would let you know these speakers are awesome.  Paired with my Definitive Tech sub and NAD components.  Very good mid range and high frequency production.  Might get the mod two just for the hell of it - though not necessary.  Very tight at higher volumes also.  Thanks again."


"After doing my on-line homework and talking with you, I had expected these speakers to be good--but I DIDN'T expect them to be THIS good!  You've heard all the hyperbole before, so I'll spare you.  I WILL say that your Orb speaker systems just prove what can happen when well-grounded acoustical science (as opposed to snake oil or witchcraft), excellent engineering, and superb manufacturing and finish join forces with world-class customer service.  To say that I am impressed would be a gross understatement.  Sound is paramount to me, and clear, precise sound these li'l varmints have in spades--but, gosh!--they LOOK nice too!  The presence, even just in stereo, is wonderful."


"I recently purchased a Super Eight and a pair of Mod2's from you guys.  I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them.  Quite frankly I was blown away by the vivid, clear sound quality. They really exceeded my expectations. Thanks!"


"I don't know how you were able to bend the laws of physics, but these things are loud!  How you ever got something so small to push that much air is beyond me. There are tight, crisp...everything I'd hope they would be. And the craftsmanship? It's a work of art. This kind of workmanship is rare...and quite stunning!"


"Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Orb system now that it is broken in.  The sound quality is so great and I am glad I went your way instead of the Bose systems!  I saved money and the Orb's are definitely better with that clean clear sound!!!"

"I am writing this e-mail to tell you how much I am impressed with your product.  I ordered the Classic Two Stereo Speaker System and I received them in a decent amount of time.  When I received my product, it was very professionally packaged and everything I expected to get I got.  I then got the speakers mounted and hooked up.  When I first got the Mod2s, I did not have the subwoofer yet and I was very impressed with the performance of the speakers running solo without the subwoofer.  I then received the subwoofer and I hooked that up and I was very pleased and very impressed with the system as a whole.  The price of the system seems to be allot at first but then I got the product and found out that they are worth every dollar."



"Fantastic!  I wanted to add two additional satellite speakers to my Bose 2.1 Lifestyle system.  But, Oooooh No, you can't just add speakers without adding an entire sub-system.  Bose said it's our way our the highway so I took the road.  Found ORB on the web and liked what I read.  I ordered the complete HT Express 2 system and I just got it installed.  Sounds fantastic!  We are using it as a stereo system.  Now I plan to buy another ORB surround system for the TV room.  The Bose system now serves us well in the master bathroom."


"I purchased your Classic One Stereo Speaker System.  With your 30-day home trial offer I had nothing to lose.  I'm happy to report that after listening to your speakers for just 5 minutes, the test trial is over.  These are by far the best sounding speakers i've ever owned.  CDs sound great.  DVDs sound great also, even without surround sound.  It's only a matter of time before I upgrade to the home theater system.  Oh, and they look great also!"


"I'm just writing to tell you how much I am enjoying my Orb Mod 2 purchase.  They are fantastic.  I can't think of a purchase that has brought me more pleasure.  I didn't need a thirty day trial; I knew on first listen that these speakers had found a new home.  Your products and customer service are excellent."


"Just wanted to thank you for the advice....I got the speakers and what a fantastic product!!  The quality and sound was way beyond my expectations.  Your speakers so overshadowed my puny Sony receiver so I dumped the receiver and added Roy Hall's Music Hall Maven as a receiver.  I now have a great compact and unobtrusive system in my living room that rivals my McIntosh/Klipsch gear in the family room (which takes up most of the family room by the way)!!  My best regards and if you ever need someone to recommend your product just send them my way!!"


"I'm just writing to report on how happy I am with my Orb speakers after using them for about a week.  Once I found the volume knob for the subwoofer (d'oh!) and adjusted it to a nice level, I couldn't be happier with the sound.  I had been listening to the Beatles Revolver CD, so I listened to it again with the new speakers and the difference between the new setup and my old Bose bookshelf speakers was night and day.  I heard bass lines that I don't think I've ever heard before, and all the music was crisp and lifelike.  We've also watched a few movies and some TV with this setup and it sounds like we're at a big movie theater.  Of course, the speakers and stands are also beautiful.  Thanks again for getting me over my initial troubles.  I'm really glad I went with Orb."

  "I just wanted to let you know that we have our Orb System set up and it sounds great.  You went above and beyond the call of duty when assisting with set up, demonstrations, phone calls and emails.  Thank you for your professionalism."
"Yes, after listening to the Orb Audio speakers for while, I plugged in my over 1000 dollar Royd Doublets and the Royds just didn't sound the same anymore..."
  "As a new customer, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful my new Orb speakers sound.  After exhaustive tests of every other small speaker system we could find, we had all but given up on our dual goals of:  a) finding small  speakers that would, unlike our old monsters, elegantly complement our home, while b) achieving truly great sound as well.  Then we installed the ORB2's.  It was as if someone lifted the curtain.  The definition and clarity are incredible!  Frankly, I would never have thought such small speakers would be so dramatically superior to the large professional studio monitors that I previously had been so proud of.  Congratulations on a truly incredible feat of engineering, and design." 

"Last week I moved my office.  I brought in the Orb Audio from home, a pair of Monitor Audio speakers and a pair of Realistic speakers in the metal cabinet, looking to add sound to this space for work.  I listened to all three several times with many types of music.  There was no question that Orb Audio was the best -- by far.  These things sound fantastic and look very cool.  You cannot lose by trying the product if you are thinking about it and you will be extremely happy if you do.  I am very pleased with the sound, quality, customer support and communication quality from the company, and I believe you will be too.  These things sound GREAT!!!  I took them off the walls and brought them home for a...test with the Orb sub.  Now we're talking!  What a difference your sub makes.  I was testing it with two different Velodyne subs and yours blows it away.  There is also no lack of mid range with the Orb set up.  It sounds terrific -- really -- what a wonderful product."

  "I just can't put into words how great everything has turned out.  I can't believe I got the new stand brackets in the mail today!  You're the best!  If anybody ever asks me what kind of speakers to get and where to get them from I'm sending them your way without hesitation.  It's truly been one of the best experiences purchasing anything online and the price is unmatched, the response time to questions and inquiries unimaginable, and the quality and sound is unreal.  If there is anything else I can do to help you to get your name out there just let me know.  Thanks again for everything!
  "I re-papered my Home Theater room, removed my large Cambridge Soundworks "Newton" series speakers and hung the new Orbs using the 30 degree mounts. What a difference from the big clunky speakers that I was originally using. The finish on the speakers is beautiful and they sound terrific. I'm using them with my Cambridge Soundworks P1000 high powered Sub and they more than fill the bill. My wife loves them for their small size and finish and she's extremely thrilled with the new look. We were in a BOSE factory outlet store the weekend before I purchased your speakers and were thinking about going with the high end Bose system because my wife loved they tiny main center and surround speakers. She also liked the sound of the system very much, but at $2499.00 for 5 tiny speakers and a subwoofer (that was definitely inferior to the sub I already owned) I was unimpressed. Believe me, your speakers combined with my subwoofer blow the Bose syatem away. I'm very happy with this purchase and will recommend your speakers to anyone looking for a quality, great sounding product at a very reasonable price. I found your web site doing a search for Plasma TV speakers and I'm glad I did. Thanks again."
  "Just wanted to let you know that I have set up my HT Express system and I am very pleased with it.  Everything you told me about is true.   It is very impressive and I am glad that I paid the extra money for the steel speakers cause they look just great.  It is nice to have something different that isn't run of the mill.  Had to go out and buy a new TV to do the system justice."

"I am truly impressed with the clarity and imaging of the satellites:  how 'all that' can come out of such small enclosures is amazing.  As to design, I think the orbs (particularly on the HOSS stands) give B&O a run for the money.  Best Wishes."

  "WOW !   I connected the Mod2s and Super 8 as a 5.1 system in their relative positions in the 42' by 28' room (the remodel will remove all the walls and I can mount the speakers in the ceiling).  The sound clarity and richness filled this room in all channel stereo mode that put my great Klipsch KG2  speakers to shame.  I guess the BOSE speakers in the master bedroom are next to go!    My interior designer who, at first balked at round speakers, was impressed at the sound at such a small size.  Great product, great support, I am your advocate in San Jose.  Can't wait for the 5 month remodel to be complete to show off this system !! You are not getting this system back !!!"
  "It took me just a few minutes to buy my Mod2 system.  It looked great and the service I received from the guys at Orb was even better.  I have them hooked up to my pair of 1200's turntables and my mixer and boy the bass and clarity of these speakers make my electronic music sound better than studio quality.  To whom it may concern -- I give them two thumbs up (since I only have two) , great sound , great customer service!!!"
  "Hi! My previous speakers were Mission 773 (front), 771 (surround), 77C (center), and I have no regrets!  I kept my Mission sub 7AS1, I like it a lot.  Also, with shipping, customs and duties, the Orb sub was very expensive.  Now I have Mod2 (4ohms) on front and center channels, and Mod1 (8ohms) as surround. They are working with an Onkyo receiver (5x100W 6-8ohms), and they sound great!  I must say I have a hell of a sound to music and movies, I have more free space, and some money!!!  Pure and neutral!  It's the first ORB speaker set in Portugal!"

"Got the new Mod1 system I ordered and set it up this weekend. Fabulous sound! I compared it head-to-head with a Cambridge Soundworks system with much larger speakers.  ORB's single speaker was much clearer than the 2-way CS left and right fronts...The Mod2 upgrade on the ORB center channel absolutely blew away the CS center channel with 2 mid-range cones and a tweeter.  My wife and 14 yr old son made unsolicited comments on the clarity of the ORB vs the CS.  Great product and value. S  ooooooo nice to find less hype and more performance.  I'm seriously considering Mod2 upgrades for the left/right fronts.  Please put me on your email list for future new products. Thanks for a great product."

  "Sound quality is excellent both for music and home theater use.  The speakers provide very nice imaging and other than balancing volume among them all using the test tone I haven't felt any need to emphasize or de-emphasize any characteristics.  I find them very well balanced as they have handled everything from movies to sports, and musically they have taken everything from reggae, to electronica to live Allman Brothers and Blues Traveler all without complaint."
  "The clarity and fullness of the Classic Two is really astounding.   My eyes don't believe my ears.  I'm very picky, and small speakers just shouldn't sound this good."