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Premium and Uber Cable Subwoofer Cables

Home Theater Wire
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Orb speaker systems are designed to use industry-standard speaker wire and subwoofer cables.  You will find no expensive, proprietary wires here.  We generally recommend that you purchase good quality speaker wire and cables, but not go overboard on turbocharged wire and cable unless you identify an actual need for it.  There is also no need to pay for expensive brand names.  The purpose of wire and cable is to move electrons, and most basic wire and cable fulfills this need.  There are definitely improvements in performance as you move up the price scale, but at a certain point the price/performance ratio no longer makes sense.  We think that this point is lower than many wire and cable companies would lead you to believe. 

We offer two very good subwoofer available in 9, 12 and 25 foot lengths.

Premium Subwoofer Cable   Uber Cable Subwoofer Cable

Our standard "Premium" subwoofer cable features pure 24-karat gold plating to reduce signal loss and other advanced features such as low-loss foam dielectric and dual shielding.  As we've said, we are not big believers in overpriced or overyhped audio cable, but there are a few features in a subwoofer cable that can improve performance and are worth paying for if they can be had for a reasonable price.  Our premium 12 foot subwoofer cable has most of these features, at a very competitive price. Twisted pair oxygen-free copper wire and foamed PE dielectric are optimized for bass signal transmission, and the low-loss 100% foil shielding protects the important bass signals from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The cable is in an ultra-flexible jacket for easy installation and includes a lifetime warranty.  It is a very good value when compared to a basic subwoofer cable, and it features rugged, long-lasting construction. 

NEW!  Ultra High Performance Uber Cable
You asked us to make something to compete with the top of the line interconnects offered by other leading manufactures, and we think we have answered the call quite successfully.  Forget about $100 cables, this one is only $39 thanks to our direct business model and it is all of the cable anyone would ever need.  We are busting the price madness on these higher end cables, just as we have done with high performance speakers.  Our new Ultra Performance Uber Cable has all of the features of many top of the line products advertised as "ultra premium", including:

  • increased diameter of internal copper conductor
  • increased shielding from interference
  • secure, easy to use metal connectors
  • attractive mesh outer jacket for ultimate cable protection

If you know Orb, you know we tell it like it is.  And here it is -- if you are the average casual user, you don't really need a subwoofer cable as good as our high performance model, and our standard subwoofer cable will do.  However, we are told by many of our customers that they prefer the higher-end features like metal connectors and thicker cable, but they just don't want to pay $100 for them in the store.  We agree, since that is a waste of both time and money.  So, if you were going to buy a cable like this anyhow, consider this your chance to save a few minutes and a few dollars.  We've done our research and found the perfect cable that has all of the high end design and none of the high end price.  Now you can choose the cable that's right for you, and have it arrive in the box with all of your speakers so you don't have to run out and waste time and money in some chain store.

As always, if you have a particularly long or complex run of cable, or are looking for higher performance speaker wire or a/v cable, we would be happy to help you find something appropriate via email or phone at 877-ORB-AUDIO.