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Premium Component Video Cable

Home Theater Wire
Sale Price: $28.00

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Affordable, high quality cable.  This premium component video cable is the cable that you need for each video component that you have that does not have HDMI outputs.  It is used to connect your DVD player, cable box, satellite dish or video game to your TV or receiver.  It is the highest quality analog video connection and it is recommended that you use either component video cable or HDMI cable for the highest quality video performance. 

Top of the line features.  This cable has 24 karat gold plating, high quality shielding and insulation and a variety of features to ensure optimal video performance.  We've selected this cable because we believe it's a great balance of price and quality.  Many people forget to purchase video cables and are forced to rush out and substantially overpay at one of the national electronics chain stores.  This is the one they plan ahead today!  Available in 3 and 12 ft lengths.

All of the speaker wire and audio/video cables we sell are high quality, high performance cables that should meet the needs of most people, without breaking the budget.  They are exactly what we choose to use at our office and in our homes.  If you have a particularly long or complex run of cable, or are looking for higher performance speaker wire or a/v cable, we would be happy to help you find something appropriate via email at support@orbaudio.comor via phone at 877-ORB-AUDIO.