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If you want deep, accurate bass from a compact enclosures, you have to use expensive, high quality amplifiers and drivers, and sturdy, reinforced cabinets.  Our direct business model allows us the luxury to design this way, since we can spend more on components and design and keep our prices reasonable.  While other brands go through several layer of markups and are forced to make design compromises, we don't have to settle for that and neither do you.

We offer three compact subwoofers, all of which perform a size or two above their actual physical size.  They are also great for both music and movies, which is not something all subwoofers accomplish.

The subMINI is a 9" cube and is a great way to fill in the low end without taking up all of your floor space.  It's great for computers and mobile devices, as well as stereo and home theater in small to medium rooms.

The subONE is a 12" cube and is our most popular subwoofer.  It is the perfect combination of size, performance and price.  It has a 200 watt hybrid amplifier and a powerful, high excursion 8" (200mm) driver.

The Uber Ten is a 13 1/2" cube and can hit the deepest notes without sacrificing musicality and snapiness.  It features a 300 watt hybrid amplifier and an advanced high excursion 10" (250mm) driver.

Please note that all subwoofers also include feet with a height of one to two inches, depending on model.

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subMINI Custom 100W Subwoofer
Sale Price: $299.00
subMINI Custom 100W Subwoofer
The smallest subwoofer we have ever made! Features deep bass performance and high output from a 9 inch cabinet. Custom designed 100 watt amplifier and high performance driver. Auto voltage detection.
subONE Custom 200W Subwoofer
Sale Price: $399.00
subONE Custom 200W Subwoofer
Custom 200 watt powered subwoofer delivers big sound from a compact twelve inch cabinet and eight inch driver. Performs like bigger, more expensive subwoofers. Optional real walnut veneer finish and wireless connectivity. Auto voltage detection.
Subwoofer Wireless Adapter
Sale Price: $129.00
Subwoofer Wireless Adapter
Wireless adapter for subMINI and subONE.