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Uber Ten Audiophile Subwoofer
Uber Ten Custom Subwoofer
Custom audiophile subwoofer with 10" driver, 300W BASH hybrid digital amplifier and 13.5" cabinet.
Regular Price: $749.00
Holiday Sale Price: $699.00
You Save: $50.00

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Gut rumbling bass from a compact subwoofer.  The Uber Ten will blow your socks off and then massage your bare feet with world class low-end rumble.  Featuring a proprietary 300 watt BASH hybrid amplifier (dynamic peak over 500W) and an audiophile quality high excursion 10" driver, the Uber Ten is definitely more subwoofer than most people need.  But, we've learned that when it comes to bass, it is sometimes more about what you WANT than what you NEED.  So, if bass is your thing, the Uber Ten is the perfect sub for you.

High performance, reasonable price.  Like all Orb products, you can expect the Uber Ten to outperform some other famous subwoofers that sell for almost twice the price.  The Uber Ten is truly a no compromise product, delivering deep emotional impact to your music and movies, while preserving the compact, attractive Orb design (the cabinet is only 13 1/2" on each side).  For a limited time, the Uber Ten is only a $299 upgrade in any of our home theater or stereo speaker packages (a $110 savings), or $699 on it's own (a $50 savings).

Our answer to the "cost is no object" subwoofer design.  The Uber Ten is our answer to the "cost is no object" subwoofer design that you have been asking for.  Our typical customer saves over $1,000 in retail markups, and many of you have asked what we would do if we could put a little of that money back into the system.  The answer to that one is simple -- while we haven't found a way to make our satellite speakers better yet, we have always wanted to make a compact 10" subwoofer that outperforms many large 12" subwoofers, and after several years of development, we are proud to introduce the Uber Ten. 

Which subwoofer is best for you?  Have no doubt -- the Super Eight is a fantastic subwoofer and it is the right subwoofer for most of our customers.  We do not want any confusion on this point -- the Super Eight is the right subwoofer for most of our customers.  It is exactly what we want out of a subwoofer, providing deep bass while retaining the snappiness required for accurate music reproduction.  It is a great design with an 8" driver and 200 watt amplifier and is the perfect match to our satellites.  It is also an amazing bargain, since it competes with $750 subwoofers yet it is about 1/2 that price when purchased in one of our speaker packages.

So why did we make the Uber Ten, and why now?  First and foremost, we figured out a way to build the subwoofer using our complete wish list of dream components, at the right price.  As only a $299 upgrade in our speaker packages, the price became realistic, too.  Second, our company has grown to the point where we can have the luxury of designing products for a very small percentage of our customers.  So, we tackled the project with great ambition, designing and building a new 10" driver from scratch, together with a state of the art 300W custom BASH amplifier (produced in their reference factory in Canada to ensure the highest quality standards) .  The result is jaw dropping!

Great for both music and movies.  A well executed 10" subwoofer can play the low end a bit deeper than an 8" design, but it also runs the risk of becoming more "boomy" and less suitable for music.  With the Uber Ten, we were able to retain the fast musicality of the Super Eight while still extended the low range to new depths.  It is much more difficult, and much more expensive, to make a 10" subwoofer musical and accurate, which is why we chose the Super Eight as our first and primary subwoofer when we started our company many years ago.  We did not want to make the Uber Ten until we could make it with absolutely no compromises and price it rationally, and that time has come.

The Uber Ten is loaded with features:

  •     300 Watt Custom BASH Hybrid Amplifier
  •     Proprietary High Excursion 10" Driver
  •     Continuously Variable Phase (0-180)
  •     Adjustable Crossover (40-180hz)
  •     Crossover Disable Switch
  •     Overheat Protection Circuitry
  •     Auto On Feature
  •     RCA Gold-Plated Stereo Line Level Input
  •     High Level Goldplated Inputs and Outputs
  •     12dB/Octave Hi-Pass Filter

And when we say it is "no compromise" we are not kidding -- the Uber Ten is born from audiophile quality components and will truly add deep, emotional bass to all of your movies and music. 

More questions?  Call us at 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834) or email us at