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USA Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire
Sale Price: $38.00

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Made in the USA to the highest standards.  This speaker wire is made in the USA from 100% oxygen-free copper.  We are not big fans of expensive, well-marketed speaker wire.  We've chosen this wire because it's what we use at home and in our office and it does the job great for most installations.  It compares to brand name wire that sells for $50+ per roll.   Available with standard clear jacket and new designer white jacket.

Easy to use.  Our custom made speaker wire features color-coded wires to make installation easy and to ensure you don't make any wiring mistakes.  No searching for tiny, mysterious markings and no guess work.  We have also designed the wire with a soft, strong case that is more flexible than standard speaker wire and which features a compact profile. 

If you are running your speakers more than 40 feet, you might want to consider thicker 14 gauge wire.  Other than that, we are confident that this wire will bring out the best of your speakers and your receiver and nothing more expensive or better marketed is going to do the job any better.

Orb speaker systems do not use proprietary wire and cable, all that they require is an industry-standard subwoofer cable and regular speaker wire.  It' s possible that you already have speaker wire that will work for you.  We do not think it's necessary to buy any expensive or strongly marketed speaker wire made out of silver or gold or that has a 10 page story about how their design carries electrons differently than other wire.  It may be true, but in our opinion most basic speaker wire is as good of a choice as the expensive stuff.  To this end, we've selected some very good speaker wire that is made in the USA, with oxygen free copper and a casing that won't split or crack like some inexpensive wire is known to do. 

Our speaker wire is on sale for a limited time, so grab what you need and save yourself a trip to the store.

This is exactly what we choose to use at our office and in our homes.  If you have a particularly long or complex run of cable, or are looking for higher performance speaker wire or cable, we would be happy to help you find something appropriate via phone at 877-ORB-AUDIO or via email at