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Home Theater Speakers Orb Audio Complete Home Theater Speakers For TV, Computer, Phone, Tablet Orb Audio Stereo Speakers

Booster Soundbar Replacement Is Just 5 Inches Wide

Orb Audio Vision
The perfect combination of superb sound and small, attractive design

Orbs are designed to get the biggest possible sound from a compact design.  Your ears won't believe your eyes!  Big sound, small speakers.

Small Speakers Big Sound

A proven web-direct business model that cuts out markups

Our speaker systems would be more than twice as expensive in retail stores and all of that money would go to markups, not speaker quality.

Small home theater speakers & stereo speakers that are big on sound

The only way to get big sound from small speakers is to use expensive, custom components.  Our direct business model provides us with opportunity to use top of the line components while keeping our prices reasonable.  Steel speaker cabinets, high tech speaker driver, gold plated connectors and more - you won't find any cheap plastic here!

A unique, expandable speaker design

Each speaker in your system can be made from 1, 2 or 4 Orbs.  You can change this at any time, so your system can be adjusted as your needs or budget changes.  From a small, two speaker system to a full 5.1 surround sound speaker package and everything in between.

Top quality customer service and expert advice

Our reputation for service is as good as our reputation for sound quality.  We promise to provide the best service to help you pick the right system, get it set up and enjoy it for many years.

30 day home trial and 100% satisfaction guarantee

The best place to test a speaker is in the room in which it will be used.  The size, shape and contents of a room change the way a speaker will sound.  So, try out the Orbs at home and know exactly how they will sound for you.  And no worries - we have less than a 1% return rate and a promise to be truly hassle-free if you decide to return the Orbs.


Mod1X 5.1 Speaker System

Mod1X Plus 5.1 Speaker System

People's Choice 5.1 Speaker System

Mod2X 5.1 Speaker System



Mod1X Plus


People's Choice




Mini Classic One 2.1 Speaker System

    Classic One 2.1 Stereo Speaker System  

Classic Two 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Quick Pack


Mini Classic One


Classic One


Classic Two

Compact Speaker Package For Computers, TV, Phones, Tablets
  Ultra Compact 2.1 Mini Speaker System   Orb Audio Complete 5.1 Home Theater System   Top Of The Line Ultimate Home Theater System
$299 SALE
Speakers & 
Mini-T Amplifier
BOOSTER Soundbar Killer
Complete Systems w/ Receivers
Top Of The Line Speakers/Receiver


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