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Stereo Speakers

Stereo Speaker Systems

Our Mod1X and Mod2X satellite speakers are a great way to enjoy music and TV without taking up a lot of space.  

Our speakers are modular and upgradeable, so any of these systems can be expanded in the future.

Include one of our ultra-compact subwoofers for full-range, room filling bass.  Don't be fooled, these 2.1 speaker systems can replace much larger speakers.  Your ears will not believe your eyes!

If you need a small amplifier to connect your speakers to your TV, computer, tablet or phone, check out our complete stereo systems here.

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Mini Classic One Stereo Speaker System
Regular Price: $518.00
Sale Price: $399.00
You Save: $119.00
Mini Classic One Stereo Speaker System
Our smallest stereo 2.1 system, featuring two Mod1X satellites (less than 5" tall) and our ultra-compact subMINI subwoofer (9" cube on small feet). Fill your room with sound, not speakers!
Classic One Stereo Speaker System
Regular Price: $648.00
Sale Price: $588.00
You Save: $60.00
Classic One Stereo Speaker System
Big sound without big speakers! Two Mod1X speakers and our subONE high performance subwoofer. Easily upgradeable to any of our surround sound systems down the road.
Classic Two Stereo Speaker System
Sale Price: $788.00
Classic Two Stereo Speaker System
Get big, loud output without wiring your room for surround sound. Two of our new Mod2X speakers and our audiophile subONE
Quick Pack
Regular Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $188.00
You Save: $61.00
Quick Pack
Two newly redesigned Mod1X speakers with our advanced aluminum driver. Available in six colors to match any room. Just 4 3/16" in diameter. Great with a subwoofer, as surround speakers or for casual listening.
Mod2 Quick Pack
Mod2X Quick Pack
Sale Price: $479.00
Mod2X Quick Pack
Two Mod2X speakers (double Orbs), for use where higher output is required.
Mod1 Quick Pack
Single Pack
Sale Price: $124.50
Single Pack
This is a single Mod1X speaker. Available in six great colors and unique metal finishes.
Mod2X Single Pack
Sale Price: $249.00
Mod2X Single Pack
Single Mod2X speaker. Can be used horizontally or vertically with included hardware. Shown on optional BOSS desk stand in some photos. Makes a great compact center speaker or surround speaker.