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Home Theater Speakers


  • $889  Mod1XSingle Orbs For Each Speaker
  • $999  Mod1X PlusDouble Orb Center Channel
  • $1,198  People's ChoiceDouble Orbs For Front Left/Center/Right
  • $1,398  Mod2XDouble Orbs For Each Speaker
  • Available In Six Great ColorsAll Handcrafted In The USA
  • Hand Polished Steel
  • Hand Antiqued CopperWith Optional Walnut subONE Subwoofer And BOSS Desk Stands
  • Hand Antiqued Bronze
  • Hammered Earth

Popular Systems

Mod1X From $889 Mod1X Plus From $999 People's Choice From $1198 Mod2X From $1398

Blow your mind, not your budget

Thanks to our web-direct business model, you can enjoy professional quality audio and a high-end, handcrafted design that is normally much more expensive.

Big surround sound from a small, attractive package

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have updated all of our home theater speakers with the best in modern technology.  The secret to achieving big sound from small speakers is to use the highest quality components that are designed for performance, not cost savings.  

Our new Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X speakers all feature our completely redesigned aluminum driver technology and rare earth neodymium magnets to maximize performance.

Subwoofers that roar without stealing your floor

Our new subONE subwoofer delivers deep bass for both music and movies, from a twelve inch cube.  What's the point of choosing small satellite speakers if the subwoofer that comes with them is gigantic?  There is a reason most other companies don't show you their subwoofer in their ads!  Available in black and stunning furniture grade walnut veneer.  Bass lover?  Most new home audio receivers support two subwoofers for 5.2, 6.2 and 7.2 surround sound - even up to 9.2!

Modular and upgradeable

You can customize your home theater system to include one, two or four Orbs per speaker, allowing you to design the perfect surround sound speaker system that fits your budget and performance needs.

If you want to increase the output of your system or move it to a larger room, simply add one or two Orbs to each speaker.

Want to start small and expand over time?  Don't waste your money on an inexpensive starter system that will eventually wind up in the trash.  Instead, start with any basic Orb system and add to it over time.  Create your dream 5.1 home theater speaker system however and whenever you want.  

Looking for something different?

We also have 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 Complete Home Theater Systems (which add a home theater receiver, wires and other components), Stereo Systems (great if you don't want to wire rear speakers) and Satellites Only (systems without a subwoofer, commonly called 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 home theater).

If you have any questions give us a call at (877) 672-2834 or email us at

You can also read reviews here and here and see some great photos here.

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Mod1X Home Theater Speaker System
Regular Price: $979.00
Orb Direct Price: $889.00
Mod1X Home Theater Speaker System
A compact, high performance 5.1 system, featuring single Mod1X Orbs for each speaker plus our powerful subONE or Uber Ten subwoofer. Consider the Mod2X center channel upgrade for enhanced dialogue.
$999 Mod1X PLUS Home Theater Speaker System
Regular Price: $1,082.00
Orb Direct Price: $999.00
$999 Mod1X PLUS Home Theater Speaker System
SAVE $83! A 5.1 system featuring upgraded Mod2X center channel speaker and four Mod1X speakers, plus subONE fsubwoofer. Includes free 100 ft roll of speaker wire and 9 ft subwoofer cable.
People's Choice Home Theater Speaker System
Regular Price: $1,297.00
Orb Direct Price: $1,198.00
People's Choice Home Theater Speaker System
Our most popular system and best bang for the buck, featuring our double Orb Mod2X speakers for all front channels and single Orb Mod1X for all surround channels. Thanks to our direct business model, this system compares to $2,500 systems sold in stores!
Mod2X Home Theater Speaker System
Regular Price: $1,548.00
Orb Direct Price: $1,398.00
Mod2X Home Theater Speaker System
Our highest output compact system, featuring our new Mod2X satellite speakers and subONE compact subwoofer. No other small speaker in this price range compares in performance or finish! Connects with one speaker wire per channel like any other speaker.
Mod2X PLUS Home Theater Speaker System
Regular Price: $2,048.00
Orb Direct Price: $1,867.00
Mod2X PLUS Home Theater Speaker System
This package has it all! Featuring Mod2X satellites with an upgraded Mod4X center channel, all decked out in our handmade BOSS stainless desk stands & wall mounts. Also includes 100 feet speaker wire & our 9 ft high performance UBER sub cable.