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The world's only MODular and upgradeable speaker

All ORBs are identical, aside from their beautiful, hand applied finishes.  All of our systems, no matter how complex, are combinations of the same speaker MODuleA single ORB is a Mod1, add one more and it's a Mod2, two more for Mod4.

Small Speakers for Smart People

It's easy to customize for any room or budget! Just decide whether you want to start with just a pair or go for full surround sound - with the confidence that your speakers will never become obsolete.  You can start with an entry level system and upgrade it over time. Isn't that way smarter than buying cheap gear now and tossing it later?



We choose to assemble them from the highest quality materials, right here in the USA. The cabinets are 100% American steel from US mills, as are all our stands and mounts. We work with over 40 USA vendors!


A single, 3" full range, aluminum driver with no crossover

This is the cleanest, most direct signal path you can achieve. There is literally nothing in between your amp and the ORB's CCAD voice coil, precision fit into a high power, Neodymium magnet. ORBs have some of the very best midrange, imaging, soundstage, transparency and lifelike presentation at any price. 15 years of rave reviews, tens of thousands of extremely satisfied customers and 5 star Amazon ratings across the board mean the critics agree.

Imagine special effects that make you jump and turn your head, with sounds coming from far outside the speaker positions. ORBs totally disappear leaving a 3 dimensional sonic 'image' that is accurate up, down, left, right, forward and back. You can close your eyes and point to where instruments or voices are in in your room, exactly as they were intended in the studio.





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