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Orb Audio speaker systems are modular and upgradeable.

With Orb Mod1 and Mod2 satellites, you can upgrade your system as your listening needs or audio budget changes.  All Mod1 speakers can be upgraded to Mod2 speakers with our simple upgrade kits, which are easy to install and require no tools.  Mod2 can now be upgraded to our Mod4 speakers, too!

Also, all of our stereo systems are fully upgradeable to home theater systems.  So you can start with two Mod1 satellites and grow into a full, five channel home theater system if you ever wish to.  You can also customize your system from the beginning, combining Mod1 and Mod2 satellites as you wish.

Upgrade kits are available in a variety of configurations to meet all of your needs.  You can upgrade your center channel to provide an affordable boost to home theater performance, which relies heavily on this channel.  You can upgrade your left and right front channels for increased stereo performance, or can upgrade all three front channels for a boost to both home theater and stereo performance.  Of course, you can also upgrade your entire system to Mod2 by purchasing a complete upgrade pack.  There are no differences whatsoever between Mod2s that have been upgraded and ones that are purchased directly from us.

Your audio investment is never a dead end with Orb Audio.  Try our high quality speakers today and hear for yourself.