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 The ORB Advantage

Round speaker design has incredible sound quality and enormous soundstage that recreates the dramatic scale of music and movies.

Enjoy theater quality surround sound from speakers in your home.  Hear every whisper and feel every explosion!

Modular and upgradeable - You can have 1/2/4 ORBs per channel, which allows you to customize for any room, and to meet any budget!  Please call us to assemble ANY configuration you require.

Six Great Colors

Six Great Surround Sound Speaker Colors - White Speakers

  Metallic Gloss Black, Pearl White and Hammered Earth feature a powder-coated, automotive quality finish with microfine, real silver flakes that sparkle when the light catches them.

Steel, Copper and Bronze are polished and or antiqued by hand in an extremely labor intensive process that would be impossible if we were mass producing our home theater speakers.

All are made in the USA


Eliminating the middleman since 2003, ORB delivers twice the parts quality for half the cost!  This is the secret behind our home theater speakers and surround sound systems.  Powerful neodymium magnets, ultra-rigid aluminum drivers, laser cut desk stands, gold plated, brass binding posts and USA hand assembly are your reward.

Our levels of sonic excellence, fit and finish are only possible at this price point by working together web direct.

USA Production And Assembly Photos Orb Audio

Mod1 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System
from $889.00
Small Speakers, Big Sound. SAVE $132.50!  ORB's entry point to home theater is the best bang for your buck, and the most compact. You will be amazed at how much volume you get out of these tiny ORBs, and impressed with the extremely lifelike, 3D...
Mod1 Plus Surround Sound System
from $999.00
Customers often tell us their total budget for speakers is $1K. We decided to see how much theater we can build for that budget. Mod1 Plus fits that sweet spot. You will be amazed at how much volume you get out of these tiny ORBs. With twice the d...
People's Choice Home Theater Speaker System
from $1,139.00
ON SALE NOW!  SAVE $256! Combining our high output, Mod2 fronts with cost saving Mod1 rears, this system is perfect for medium to large rooms.  You will be amazed at how much volume you get out of these tiny ORBs and impressed with the extremely l...
Mod2 Surround Sound System
from $1,389.00
SAVE $255!  This Mod2 Surround Sound System can fill even the largest room with immersive sound and can replace much larger speakers. It is a great performer for both music and movies and will leave you looking for excuses to enjoy it. Designed f...
Mod2 Plus Surround Sound System
from $1,798.00
This system features our award winning Mod2 Satellite Speakers and an upgrade to the Mod4 center channel. This is to help make sure you get amazing dialogue in larger rooms even while sitting 12' or further from your TV. Fills even a large room w...
Mod4 Surround Sound
from $2,319.00
Why get huge towers ? Mod4 Surround Sound Speakers are the ultimate expression of what ORBs can do. Combined with our subONE they can replace ugly towers, yet still deliver the speed and finesse of our small, super fast ORBs. You will hear details...