Major magazine says FIVE STARS !

Major magazine says FIVE STARS !

The venerable Scott Wasser just completed a thorough review of the BOOSTER 1 soundbar.  Here are some teasers from his fun, informative article.  


Other soundbars never got the dialogue to sound as distinctive as EZ Voice.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone lacking the room to place it near a T.V.

Look up “simplicity” in the dictionary, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a picture of Orb’s Booster 1.

The Orbs sound as good as they look, in part because they’re not confined to a typical soundbar’s 36- or 40-inch box.

when it came to music, the subMINI’s tight bass was easy to appreciate.

Consumers love soundbars because they're easy to use. So is Orb's Booster 1