Mounts & Stands

Place your ORBs where they look and sound the best.

Mounts for any wall, ceiling or flat surface and two floor stand options. We are happy to help you with room layout and design!

Mount 1
from $25.00
Adjustable wall or ceiling mount.  Full range of motion for 1-2 ORBs. Tuck into a corner, suspend under a shelf or install on a standard outlet box. Lean down into the room vertically. Does not need to go into a stud Rotate base to aim anywhe...
Mount 2
from $30.00
Install 2 ORBs horizontally (center channel) or vertically.  If vertical and you want to lean the ORBs down into the room get the Mount 1 plus Cozy. Attaches to standard, single, outlet box. Choose the PLATE option in drop down menu. Includes h...
Universal Floor Stand Kit
Universal adapter kit - fits most low cost stands. All mass market stands will include brackets to connect speakers to the poles.  We call it the 'L Post' in these photos. CRITICAL SPECIFICATION ORB stainless screws are 1/4 20 thread - the most co...
HOSS Floor Stand (Pair)
from $529.00
Labor intensive, all American. A work of art designed to fit right up against the wall or deep into a corner. All other speaker stands have big, flat bases, which is the least expensive way to design a stand. A small footprint requires mass. 11 lb...
Desk stands and brackets (Black / White)
from $9.00
Desk stands for any Mod1, Mod2 or MOD4 ORBs All parts for assembly included 3.5" diameter, laser cut, welded, powder coated, 16 ga. steel MOD4 is a complete kit which assembles as shown