Individual ORBs, subMINI, BOOSTER

ORBs are tiny, high output satellites that hide anywhere. Fantastic for surrounds, ATMOS and low profile center channels. Works with your existing sub.

subMINI and popular combinations of ORBs below.

Booster Mini Integrated Amplifier
from $199.00
Add any size speakers to your TV in minutes.  Optical in, Sub out and a remote, all in one tiny case you can hide anywhere but will want to show off.  USB power port makes it easy to add BT & Wifi devices. Musical with plenty of power for mov...
Mod1 Single on Desk stand
from $129.50
All of our systems, no matter how complex, are made of this exact same module, in 6 stunning finishes. The closer you look, the more beauty you will find in the detail.  Small size BIG sound  only 4 3/16 " diameter and 5" tall on desk stand I...
MOD 1 Speaker Upgrade
from $119.00
RETAIL PRICE $140!  Upgrade your Mod1 speakers to Mod2 for higher output and more power handling. Great for when you are sitting further than 12' from your front channels. Drop down menu options : Cozy Kit - Vertical use on Desk or Wall mount Co...
The Mod4
from $499.00
Our highest output speaker. It makes a fantastic, low profile Center channel. Clear, detailed dialogue out to 20'. Wall or ceiling mount vertically or horizontally for Surround channels. Looks great with larger screens. Choose desk stand or wall m...
Mod1 QuickPack
from $259.00
Possibly the most versatile pair of satellites in the world. ORBs are high output and have excellent midrange. That makes them amazing for your desktop and truly perfect any time you need tiny rear or Atmos channels. Thousands of customers use Mod...
Mod2 Center Channel Speaker
from $259.00
The Mod2 Center Channel is a small, high output solution for excellent dialogue. It can be used with much larger bookshelf or tower speakers.  If you are sitting further than 14 feet consider the MOD4 center. 5" tall 9" wide on stands 4 1/8 dia...
Mod2 Single Pack
from $259.00
1 Mod2 Speaker for use as a surround or ATMOS channel. Optional wall mounts for vertical or horizontal installation. Small size high output,  only 4 3/16 " diameter and less than 10" tall Includes black or white, laser cut, powder coated, steel...
Mod2 QuickPack
from $499.00
High output, excellent midrange and outstanding detail. Thousands of customers use Mod2s with mini amps and to replace bookshelf speakers. These are perfect any time you need a pair of HT fronts, small rear or Atmos channels.  You have a subwoofe...
Mod1 Home Theater QuickPack
from $629.00
Already have a subwoofer ? ORB has the small, high output, satellite speakers you've been looking for.  With a single ORB center, this is a small - medium room system and ideal if you are sitting up to 12' from your TV.  Popular for bedrooms. ...
Mod1 PLUS Home Theater QuickPack
from $729.00
A double ORB center channel is Ideal for anyone who needs extra help with TV dialogue. Hear every whisper up to 14' from your TV. 5 star reviews going back to 2003 Tiny, easy to hide and can be mounted almost anywhere. Click here for mountin...
People's Choice Home Theater QuickPack
from $974.40
High output front channels and easy to hide rears, our most popular theater. Perfect for medium to large rooms.  Clean, clear dialogue out to 16'. Double ORB L/R is GREAT for music lovers with a huge soundstage, accurate imaging, speed, detail ...
Mod2 Triple Pack
from $729.00
Front channels only for medium to large rooms,  Clean, clear dialogue out to 16'. Incredible imaging and soundstage.  High output and decor friendly. OK all 3 vertical or horizontal - call us or add to 'order notes' Add mounts for any flat sur...