We are an American manufacturing success story.

We are a design conscious, environmentally friendly boutique audio company.

We bring you audiophile magic at 'afforable luxury' prices.

We believe that speakers and audio gear should be a beautiful part of your decor. 


We are huge lovers of music, all kinds of music. We love getting immersed in a great movie, too. Our goal has always been to deliver the emotional impact of great stereo, and the mind blowing special effects of movies, at affordable prices. 

ORB was created with three simple ideas in mind:

1. The only way to achieve audiophile sound quality is to use the very best components and purist design.  

2. The best way to make attractive speakers is to use high quality, expensive materials and skilled craftsmen.

3. The only way to keep speakers built to these standards affordable is to sell direct to our customers and cut out unnecessary middlemen and markups.

Orb Audio Web Direct Quality

Orb Audio changed the way speakers are sold. The audio industry suffers from horrible markups and layers of middlemen. Typically products are manufactured in Asia.  Distributors import and take their cut, usually 30%.  Stores then double those prices to the consumer in order to cover their overhead and local marketing etc.  If you are lucky, 25% of your money is buying actual parts, the rest is wasted on advertising.


In 2003 when ORB first began to sell online, there wasn't much of an internet to sell direct ON. People told us we were crazy and that no one would buy speakers online. There were even doubts about whether customers would be willing to enter their credit card numbers online. Luckily for you that is all ancient history.

By combining the savings of our web direct business model, with the ability to spend more on parts and labor, we were able to fulfill our goal of delivering beautiful, audiophile quality speakers at "affordable luxury" prices.  Every time you turn on your ORBs, you will hear, see and enjoy these benefits.

Assembled In The USA

history of excellent customer service.

When you contact us, you will speak with someone who knows what they are talking about and can help you find the right system, get it set up or even help with settings on your TV.  We get it. We may have heard your question before, but this might be the first audio/video system you have ever set up.  

We really love what we do and love talking to our customers. Our customers love us back.  Many of the photos on our site are from proud owners who send us photos, emails and post 5 star reviews on Amazon every day.