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We are an American manufacturing success story.

We are a design conscious, environmentally friendly boutique audio company.

We bring you audiophile magic at 'afforable luxury' prices.

We believe that speakers and audio gear should be a beautiful part of your decor. 


We are huge lovers of music, all kinds of music.  We love getting immersed in a great movie, too. Our goal has always been to deliver the emotional impact of great stereo, and the mind blowing special effects of movies, at affordable prices. 

Orb was created with three simple ideas in mind:

1.  The only way to achieve audiophile sound quality is to use the very best components and purist designs.  

2.  The best way to make attractive speakers is to use high quality, expensive materials and skilled craftsmen.

3.  The only way to keep speakers built to these standards affordable is to sell direct to our customers and cut out unnecessary middlemen and markups. 

Orb Audio Web Direct Quality

Orb Audio changed the way speakers are sold.  The audio industry suffers from horrible markups and layers of middlemen.  Speakers that are $2,500 in store might have been sold by the manufacturer to a distributor for $1,000, then sold to a store for $1,250, only to be marked up to $2,500 on the store shelf.  
You feel like you got a deal when you buy those $1,000 speakers on sale for $1,999.  But the manufacturer was still only paid $1,000 and the quality of the speaker components is based upon this number.

We asked "why can't we just sell our $1,000 speakers for $1,000?"  The answer was to sell web direct, with no middlemen and markups.  And this is why our $1,000 speakers sound as good or better than speakers that sell for $2,000 or more in stores.

Now, in 2003, there wasn't much of an internet to sell direct ON.  Against most advice, we set up a website.  People told us we were crazy and that no one would buy speakers or other audio/video products online.  There were even doubts about whether customers would be willing to enter their credit card numbers online.

We all know how that turned out ;)

In addition to saving money, our direct business model allows us to use the highest quality components in every Orb we make, from American steel cabinets, to custom aluminum speaker drivers, gold plated binding posts and rare-earth neodymium magnets.  It is fair to say that our speakers are built as well, and sound as good, as most systems that cost two to three times the price.

By combining the savings of our web direct business model, with the ability to spend more on parts and labor, we were able to fulfill our goal of delivering beautiful, audiophile quality speakers at "affordable luxury" prices.  Every time you turn on your Orbs, you will hear, see and enjoy these benefits.

 Assembled In The USA

history of excellent customer service.

When you contact us, you will speak with someone who knows what they are talking about and can help you find the right system, get it set up or even help with settings on your TV.  We get it.  We may have heard your question before, but this might be the first audio/video system you have ever set up.  

We really love what we do and love talking to our customers.  Our customers love us back.  Many of the photos on our site are from proud owners who send us photos, emails and post 5 star reviews on Amazon every day.  

30 day home trial that works.

With a direct business model, you might save $1,000, but you do not get to hear the speakers in a store before you buy.  However, even if you liked the way speakers sounded in a store, it is unlikely that they would sound the same in your home.  The same speakers sound different in every room.  The only true way to know how they will sound in YOUR room is to listen to them there.

That is why we have a 30 day no hassle home trial program.  You can try your Orbs at home and return them for any reason or no reason at all, with no hassles.  We've sold tens of thousands of Orb systems and have a historic return rate of less than 1%.  a hassle free, 30 day home trial means there is no excuse for being unhappy.  Love your Orbs or return them.  It's that simple.  We thing our years of rave reviews ensure that you are almost guaranteed to love them.

Try Orb Audio today and enjoy the benefits of superior performance, design and construction.  Learn more right here on our website or call 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834) if you have any questions about our products or company.  You are also welcome to contact us via email at support@orbaudio.com.  We answer emails promptly.