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If you are looking for speakers for your TV, the main decision you will have to make is whether to choose a home theater surround sound system or a soundbar.  

First, you can choose a home theater system, which provides the full movie theater surround sound experience.  It has speakers at the front and rear of your room and provides the best sound quality.

If you are looking for something a little more basic, you can choose a soundbar, which is easier to set up but does not have speakers in the rear of the room for true movie sound effects.  Soundbars have also suffered from poor sound quality in the past, but we have designed a new evolution of the soundbar that overcomes many of the sound quality limitations of traditional soundbars.

These are both good choices and will provide you with fantastic sound to enjoy music and movies.

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Home Theater Systems provide the full movie theater surround sound experience.  You can set up a home theater with 5, 6 or 7 speakers and 1 or 2 subwoofers for deep bass. 

The advantage of home theater is sound quality -- it is the best.  Of course, to achieve surround sound, you do have to do a little easy wiring to the rear or side speakers, but this is usually accomplished in 15-30 minutes and is not difficult.  Our experts are also available to help and unlimited lifetime support is included with every Orb system.

In addition to speakers, a home theater requires a receiver/amplifier.  If you already have one, you can select our speaker packages here.  If you need a receiver, you can select from our complete packages here, which include speakers and award-winning Denon and Marantz receivers.

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Traditionally, a soundbar is one large speaker that you place in front of your TV.  It is easy to set up, but makes great sacrifices in sound quality.  One large speaker simply cannot create the big, wide soundstage that is created by two speakers separated by a few feet.

Soundbar Soundstage Is Narrow And Limited

Orb has evolved the soundbar with the Booster Sound(bar).  Instead of 1 big speaker, Booster uses two tiny Orbs to create true stereo separation and accurate, powerful sound.  You place the Orbs on either side of your TV and create a big, wide soundstage that goes way beyond what traditional soundbars have to offer.

Booster Evolved Soundbar Has Wider Sweet Spot

Booster looks great, too.  You get to replace a large, boxy soundbar with tiny, designer quality components that can match any decor.

Booster1 Soundbar Looks And Sound Better Than Traditional Soundbars 

Booster also features Orb's unique dialogue boost, which guarantees you will hear every whisper and never struggle to hear dialogue over sound effects.

Booster Dialogue Boost