If you want better speakers for your TV, ORB makes it simple. Choose from our BOOSTER (soundbar) series with 'EZ voice' - or go for full surround sound with a home theater.

A theater delivers the full surround experience. It has speakers at the front and rear of your room and is the most realistic, immersive solution.

A soundbar is handy if you can't, or don't want to run wires to the rear of your room.  ORB's solutions are true audiophile quality 2.1 stereo and dramatically better than typical soundbars.  We call them BOOSTER and we have 3 options.


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You can set up a home theater with 5, 6 or 7 surround channels and 1 or 2 subwoofers for deep bass. The newest addition is ATMOS which adds 2 or 4 ceiling mounted speakers to gain the height dimension.  You'll get surround AND feel like objects are moving up and down in your room !

A home theater requires a receiver. If you already have one, you can select our speaker packages here. If you want one stop shopping, you can select from our complete packages here, which include speakers with award-winning Denon and Marantz receivers.

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A soundbar is one long speaker that you place in front of your TV. They are an industry shortcut and a retail 'adder' to TV sales. They make huge sacrifices in sound quality. One 36-40" box can't create the big, wide soundstage created by two speakers placed further apart. It's just a louder, not better version of your TV.

Soundbar Soundstage Is Narrow And Limited

BOOSTER - the evolution of the soundbar

Instead of 1 big speaker in the center, we use two tiny ORBs and a hideaway amplifier to allow true stereo separation, super clear, detailed dialogue and a huge soundstage. You can place the ORBs where they look and sound the best. You'll get performance that goes way beyond what soundbars have to offer.

Booster Evolved Soundbar Has Wider Sweet Spot

BOOSTER (center) can be hidden behind the TV or in the cabinet. With six designer finishes, ORBs can blend anywhere. Did you even notice the 9" subMINI?

Booster1 Soundbar Looks And Sound Better Than Traditional Soundbars 

ORB's 'EZ Voice' - push one button and hear the dialogue jump out of the background!

Booster Dialogue Boost