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Stereo And 2.1 Systems

Classic One 2.1 System
from $588.00
Excellent stereo performance from a compact, stylish system.  The Classic One will blow you away with full, rich sound.  Silky highs and famously excellent midrange make this a totally transparent speaker with unparalleled imaging and a huge sou...
Classic Two 2.1 System
from $788.00
Replace those old tower speakers and still get room filling audiophile sound. Classic TWO has the slam of large towers with the speed, transparency and lifelike detail of the best mini monitors. Using our high output, Mod2 satellites, expect Silky...
Mini Classic One 2.1 System
from $478.00
The Mini Classic One will outperform most bookshelf speakers. You will not believe the big, full sound produced by this system until you hear it for yourself. The imaging and soundstage are on par with the best high end speakers. This is a super c...
Mod1 Quick Pack
from $249.00
Possibly the most versatile pair of satellites in the world. ORBs are high output and have excellent midrange. That makes them amazing for your desktop and truly perfect any time you need tiny rear or Atmos channels.  Thousands of customers use Mo...
Mod2 Quick Pack
from $479.00
High output, excellent midrange and outstanding detail. Thousands of customers use Mod2s with mini amps and to replace bookshelf speakers. These are perfect any time you need a pair of HT fronts, small rear or Atmos channels.  You have a subwoofe...
Mod2 Triple Pack
from $697.00
If you already have a subwoofer or existing rear channels these are ideal high output, small speakers to complete your room. Maybe you would like surround but CAN'T wire to rears and are looking for "just the fronts please".  If so, the Mod2 Tripl...