When your life depends on lifelike sound

When your life depends on lifelike sound

We can't tell you who runs this simulator, or even where it is located...  

It is among the most advanced in the world and they chose ORB to recreate the sounds of wind and ocean when they needed to be as 'real' as possible.

As you can imagine, budget was not a problem.  They could afford pretty much any speaker in the world.  Each uses 12 Metallic Gloss Black ORBs and 2 subONE subwoofers. A handful of these amazing machines exist and they are building 6 more.  

Sailor's lives and those of their crews depend on simulations being as realistic as possible in their emergency training. 

If we can recreate the ocean in a simulator, imagine the output in your living room !

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Sep 05, 2018 • Posted by Tyler

This is awesome news! I’m super excited to keep adding to my system. I recently setup my new SubONE and upgraded my mod1 set to mod2x’s and I’m so thrilled with the sound every time I turn on classic symphony or 80’s rock. It sounds like live music in my living room, and I can’t imagine going back. I was so thrilled that I setup an Orb Stereo 2.1 system for my parents so they can enjoy their TV and music more, and they too love their Orb system. I really enjoy seeing different ways they are installed and used. Thank you for the new posts!

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