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Booster EZ VOICE Soundbars
Mod1 & Mod2 Surround Sound Systems
Speaker Upgrades

BOOSTER 1 Soundbar - Dialogue Clarity at any Volume With EZ Voice
from $579.00
Add speakers to your TV and experience greater clarity at lower volume.  Hear every whisper and discover the details you've been missing for so long! High output, room filling sound with plenty of bass.  ORB's 'EZ Voice' feature enhances dialogue ...
BOOSTER 2 Soundbar - Dialogue Clarity In Larger Rooms With EZ Voice
from $779.00
Designed for larger spaces and seating up to 20' from your TV. Outperforms any soundbar at any price.  Only ORB gives you true stereo separation, with a huge soundstage for wall to wall special effects. 1 wire to TV setup - warm, full sound in...
Mod1 Home Theater Speaker System
from $724.00
Small Speakers, Big Sound. ORB's best bang for your buck. You will be amazed at how much volume you get out of these tiny ORBs, and impressed with the extremely lifelike, 3D presentation.  Your front wall will become one huge soundstage. Distinc...
Mod2 Surround Sound System
from $1,449.00
The Mod2 Surround Sound System can fill even the largest room with immersive sound and can replace much larger speakers. It is a great performer for both music and movies and will leave you looking for excuses to enjoy it. Designed for music and...
MOD 1 Speaker Upgrade
from $119.00
Upgrade your Mod1 speakers to Mod2 for higher output and more power handling. Great for when you are sitting further than 12' from your front channels. Drop down menu options : Cozy Kit - Vertical use on Desk or Wall mount Cozy Kit + Desk Stand f...
$999 Complete Home Theater System
from $999.00
Save $230.50 - Tremendous value with all components discounted! 5 ORBs and a subMINI, powered by a top-end AV Receiver.  Most often we offer a Denon AVR-S540BT w/ this package.  At this time, supplies are scarce, so we are also recommending and p...