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Want to upgrade your speakers?  Need replacement parts? 

Speaker wire, subwoofer cables / wireless kits and more.

Stereo mini (3.5mm) 1 Meter Cable
Use with Mini T and BOOSTER amplifiers Thin flexible wire to connect your portable devices Bend tested over 1000 times for proven long-term durability. High-quality aluminum plugs are very thin to work with most phone covers
Stereo Mini (3.5mm) to RCA - 1 Meter Cable
Connect most analog audio devices to Mini T and BOOSTER Thin wire is easy to bend and hide RCA plugs typical on TV, CD, DVD & Phono
HOSS Parts Kit
Upgrade your HOSS floor stand from Mod2 to Mod4 - replace lost parts 4 custom fabricated, stainless steel, clamp assemblies and jumper wires. Everything you need to connect a total of 4 Orbs to the HOSS Floor Stands.
Bluetooth Adapter
Play music on your ORB system wirelessly from phone, tablet, PC, Echo Plugs into ORB amp for power, connects to stereo mini input Bluetooth 4.1 and A2DP v1.2, provides high-performance, wireless music from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora etc.
Dayton Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit
$69.00 $89.00
The Dayton Audio Wave-Link Wireless Audio System solves wiring dilemmas, quickly and easily. Place your subwoofer, powered speaker, or amplifier in the location that provides optimal sound without worrying about a cable. Stream wireless audio from...