We know you are looking for something special, something better than you can find at a big box retailer.  Maybe you are a fan of modern design, or you just LOVE music and audiophile reproduction on a budget. We definitely know you need to find speakers that are small and fit your decor..

You did your homework and you found ORB. You read a bunch of reviews and everyone loves both the product and the people at ORB, who are always here to help you.  You are considering giving us a try because you figure we wouldn't make a speaker this beautiful and not make it sound amazing. You ignore the constant ads for major brands because you kind of get that anything you buy from them, half of your money goes to pay for their marketing and retail store middle men.  You are willing to take the tiny risk that you have to send them back.  We say tiny because we have less than a 1% return rate going back to 2003.. Back then it was really hard to do research online and we only sold online.

That's why our slogan has always been "Small Speakers For Smart People".

Orb Small Speakers

Your reward for being smart

From advanced, aluminum cone, driver designs and oversized, neodymium magnets, to handcrafted USA steel cabinets, every ingredient in your ORB is top notch and unique.

No other speaker at this price point is hand made in USA.  No one else has stunning, hand antiqued, cabinets, hand laquered clear coat or audiophile quality, full range yet tiny, 3"drivers.

We promise you will love your ORBs and be proud to show them off to your friends for years and years.

 Handcrafted Orb Speakers Assembled In USA



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