Our web direct business model means you can save around 50% in markups on our typical system. Better yet, you also get much more for your money.

Our popular $898 Surround Sound System would be over $1,800 if we sold in traditional retail stores, and the speakers would be exactly the same! That's why our slogan has always been Small Speakers For Smart People.

Orb Small Speakers

In addition to eliminating markups, we also get to design your speakers with much higher quality components and more labor intensive processes than we would if ORBs were mass produced. That's how we make our speakers sound bigger and look better than other small speaker systems in this price range.

From advanced speaker driver designs that include aluminium cones and neodymium magnets, to our handcrafted steel cabinets, every ingredient in your ORB is top notch and unique.

So our direct business model has many big advantages - competitive prices, labor intensive designs and, above all, the best and biggest sound available from a compact speaker.  When you buy direct from ORB, you get the most for your money and you will love your purchase - GUARANTEED!

 Handcrafted Orb Speakers Assembled In USA



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