Wall, ceiling, desk or floor - place your ORBs anywhere with our easy to use mounts and stands.

Orb Speaker Mounts And Stands


Picking the right mount is simple:  if you want to adjust the angle of your speaker, use our MultiMount or MultiPlate.  If you want the speaker to point straight out, use StudZero.

MultiMount Wall And Ceiling Speaker Mount


Our HOSS Floor Stands are made in very small batches from more than 20 pounds of American stainless steel. With the tremendous amount of labor and materials that go into HOSS, they truly represent the best of what Made In The USA has to offer. HOSS works with Mod2 and Mod4 speakers.

HOSS Speaker Floor Stands Made In USA By Orb

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Our TOSS Floor Stands are sculpted to be the perfect match to the curves of your ORBs. They are compatible with Mod1 and Mod2 speakers and are available in black and white.


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BOSS Desk Stands are made from stainless steel and elevate the look of your ORBs. They are also match our HOSS Floor Stands and BOSS Wall Mounts.

BOSS Speaker Stands Made From Stainless Steel By Orb

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BOSS Wall Mounts bring the beauty of our BOSS and HOSS stands to your wall and ceiling. They work with Mod2 and Mod4 and are made by hand from precision machined stainless steel and aluminum.  

BOSS is adjustable in one direction. It has full left / right movement when vertical and full up / down movement when horizontal.


BOSS Speaker Mount For Wall And Ceiling - Made In USA

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