AA Mod1 Sub Variant tester


AA Mod1 Sub Variant tester


Small Speakers, Big Sound.

ORB's best bang for your buck. You will be amazed at how much volume you get out of these tiny ORBs, and impressed with the extremely lifelike, 3D presentation.  Your front wall will become one huge soundstage. Distinct sound effects will be heard travelling from far outside the actual speaker positions as well as having accurate up, down, front and back motion. Your eyes will not believe your ears. ORBs have 'WOW' factor.  System includes FREE 12' Premium Subwoofer Cable; a universal Wireless Adapter is also available.  

  • Designed for music and great for movies

  • ORBs are hand made in USA, 20+ years of 5 star reviews

  • Three Subwoofer Options - contact us with any questions!

  • ORBs are tiny, easy to hide and can be mounted almost anywhere

  • Add ORBs to expand into 6 or 7 channel / Atmos setup at any time.

  • Easy set up - Free lifetime American customer service

 Home Theater Review

ORB has an incredible reputation, but not just for sound. If you do your homework, and we hope you do - you will discover that the people at ORB really care. We want your room to sound amazing because every home is a showroom for us.

When you buy speakers from Orb, you can expect the highest quality components and intelligent, American customer support. We are always happy to help you find the right system, get things set up, or tune things perfectly for your room !



This system includes our iconic Mod1 Speakers, the same ones we use in our MOST expensive theater. ORBs have some of the most precise imaging and soundstage at any price. You will notice details that have been in your favorite music for years, just hidden.  The result is incredibly lifelike Sound effects that will make you jump or turn your head.

Buying direct gets you more for your money. Aluminum drivers, long throw CCAD voice coils Neodymium magnets, Santoprene surrounds and Gold plated binding posts work brilliantly to yield very high output while maintaining crystal clear details.

Six decor friendly finishes

Our black and white home theater speakers are finished in an automotive quality powder coating.  Steel, Copper and Bronze are polished and or antiqued by hand in an extremely labor intensive process that would be impossible if we were mass producing our speakers. All are made in USA.

BASS is the emotional foundation for music and movies

The Polk PSW111 has the depth, slam and detail to handle the most challenging sources. We tuned it back in our high-end stereo days to be an outstanding musical sub and then refined it for the extra lows on Blu-Ray. Making big bass is easy. Making tight, accurate bass is not, especially at this price point, in a 12" cube. Selling web direct allows us to use high excursion custom drivers and high-power Class D amp to get a lot of bass from a very small box. What's the point of getting small speakers if the subwoofer is the size of your coffee table?



Upgrade any speaker any time

white home theater speakers

Flexibility to customize is unique to ORB -- no speaker will ever become obsolete. If your needs change, add more ORBs!

We are always happy to help you figure out what you need and the best way to get there. If you have any questions, please send email to support@orbaudio.com or give us a call - 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834)