Artsy in Santa Barbara

Artsy in Santa Barbara

This beautiful gallery has tons of light and stunning views out huge windows (sadly not shown here) An outstanding space to contemplate art.  Complimenting such a unique, warm room are 4 Bronze MOD1 ORB speakers.


We would have loved to show you better room pics but we only get to see what this home automation expert emailed us :)

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Feb 22, 2019 • Posted by Carneal Smith

I purchased the soundbar Booster 1 January 2019. I have procrastinated about purchasing the speakers since 2012. I had computer speakers connected to my television for sound, but I wanted a more clean and crisp sound. I purchased a Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 and my stereo sounded great. Well, that’s what I thought until I purchased the Orb Soundbar Booster1. It was no comparison. The Orbs performs like a movie theater and sound like no other. The sound improves because it has a break in period. I have my cellphone contacted to Pandora and I can’t turn it past halfway or it will blow out of the room. I have an older house and you can hear the sound everywhere, even upstairs. If you are on the fence about the price like I was instead of quality and second to none sound; stop wasting your time and purchase from the best. I am very happy with my purchase. I can now hear what I have been missing for 7 years. Thank you Orb for inventing an amazing product!

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