Polished Steel or Gloss Black ? You decide.

Polished Steel or Gloss Black ? You decide.

A stone fireplace can be an installation challenge. Luckily, ORB makes it easy to add great sound almost anywhere. Go ahead and design the fireplace YOU want. Tiny footprint, high output, 6 designer finishes, where CAN'T they fit?

The Hand Polished Steel finish would disappear more, into the gray stone. In this case the goal was to show off the ORB's gloss black finish and match the TV. Which finish would you choose?

In addition to being decor friendly, BOOSTER with EZ voice solved another huge problem for David.  Poor quality dialogue is a huge problem and affects all of us.  If you or anyone you know can't understand what the *%#! they are saying on TV, check out our video on how EZ voice can help you 'hear every whisper'.




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