ORBs LOVE vaulted ceilings

ORBs LOVE vaulted ceilings

We get a lot of calls asking if ORBs can fill a large space. They can and they have, since 2003.

System is the People's Choice with Metallic Gloss Black, Atmos, channels on the first and second beams. Antiqued Copper front channels with copper, rears pointing straight down off the 3rd beam, over the listening position.

The customer had inquired about dialogue as well.  ORBs have always been fantastic midrange speakers and that means they excel at presenting clean, clear, dialogue at any volume and at any distance.

In a really large space, such as this one, we recommend 'All Channel Stereo' mode.  This copies the front left and right into the rears.  You can have the dialogue right above or behind you.

This same room could also have been set up in stereo, with our BOOSTER audiophile mini amp. That system has a dedicated speech and dialogue enhance we call EZ voice. In this case they needed a wireless subwoofer.

Large room with vaulted ceiling pano