Individual ORBs, subMINI, BOOSTER

ORBs are tiny, high output satellites that hide anywhere. Fantastic for surrounds, ATMOS and low profile center channels. Works with your existing sub.

subMINI and popular combinations of ORBs below.

Mod1 Triple Pack
from $448.00
When do I need a  Mod1 Triple Pack ? "just the fronts please" You would like surround but CAN'T wire to rears Rooms with existing / recessed speakers for rears You have a subwoofer / receiver and want to expand to surround later Designed for m...
subMINI Subwoofer
Sold out
High output in a super compact design. Dual ports, powerful class D amp and a custom driver allow the subMINI to generate as much bass as larger, more expensive subwoofers. It is the best of both worlds - high performance and a reasonable price t...
Polk Audio - PSW111
Add impact to your favorite movies and full-bodied bass to your favorite tunes with a sub that's barely larger than a cubic foot. The PSW111's high-current, 150-watt amp effortlessly drives an 8" woofer for dynamic low-frequency effects. And this ...
Starke Sound SW10
The best 10-inch sub for ORBs, hands down. This design is punchy, fast, musical and has great detail.  Compact size, excellent bang for your buck.  Delivers deep, tight bass at high volume. Advanced, high-excursion, glass fiber woofer, optimally d...