How Can I Hear Them?

The only way to really test speakers, is to listen to them in the same room in which they will be used.  We offer a 45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can see and hear the outstanding quality ORB delivers. If you test a speaker in a store, it will not sound the same at home. 50% of what you hear is actually room reflection!

If you happen to live in Los Angeles, please call 877-672-2834 or email to set up a demo at our factory showroom.

Will ORBs Work With My Existing Equipment?

Almost certainly.  ORBs work with any stereo amp or theater receiver. The single ORB is 8 Ohms the double is 4 Ohms.  If your amp is high power (over 50 watts) it helps if it has a crossover to limit the bass below 150 Hz.  Most newer amps have that feature.  Most mini amps don't have enough power to cause problems.

We would be happy to discuss how ORBs will fit your existing equipment, please call 877-672-2834 or email us at for specific recommendations.

Can I Use ORB For MultiRoom Applications ? 

How Do I Use Them In The Den, Kid's Rooms, Kitchen etc.?

For multiroom audio, you will need to connect a Wi-Fi enabled device like Amazon Echo, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Sonos Connect, MUZO, Roku etc. to the BOOSTER mini amp which then powers the ORBs and or a sub.  If you have a SmartTV, that can act as the Wi-Fi device and connecting via the Optical to BOOSTER will create a wireless or remote zone.

You can use ORBs like any other speaker anyplace with a speaker wire connection.  They will always sound better than in-wall options and it's easier to use a mount than to cut holes in the drywall.

How Do I Choose Between Mod1, Mod2  & Mod4 Speakers?

How Do I Determine Which System To Use In My Room?

It's all about power handling and output - how loud do you want it?  There are no hard rules here.  Smaller rooms, desktop and low power amps are fantastic with MOD1 single ORBs.  In a larger room or areas where you want more overall output, the double ORB MOD2s are a good fit, depending upon how far the seating position is from the TV.  The first channel to upgrade will be the center as that works harder than the rest.

As a general recommendation we feel that up to 8' is MOD1 territory.  Up to 14' use the MOD2, especially in a theater.  16' and further is time to consider a MOD4 center and likely MOD2 surrounds. If you like to CRANK then get the MOD4 fronts.

Our most popular Surround System (The People's Choice) has Mod2 speakers for the three front channels and easy to hide Mod1 Speakers for the surrounds. We find it works great in most rooms we have designed over the years.

I Am On A Tight Budget, What Should I Do?

Take advantage of  ORB's MODular design.

ORB is the ONLY system that allows you to add more speakers as your needs or budget increase.  Start with a pair of MOD1 single ORBs and our mini amp and  upgrade to the MOD2 later.  You can trade in the mini amp if you buy a theater recevier from us and upgrade from stereo to surround.  NO other company allows that.

ORB subs are designed to blend seamlessly but we understand we are not a low cost producer.  There are subs we can recommend in the $100 neighborhood which have a bit less finesse and are not quite as compact, but they do the job.

Do You Have Any Specific Amplifier Recommendations?

For stereo use, we promise that you will not find a better sounding mini amplifier than the Mini T or BOOSTER unless you spend A LOT of money.  Any amp with 20 clean watts per channel should be able to accurately drive an ORB.

For theater we recommend choosing a receiver based on the features you need rather than by price point.  Most of them sound excellent once you hit $400 and pretty darn good even at entry level.  They will all have plenty of power for an ORB system.

ORB has complete packages with some Denon and Marantz receivers. We are authorized dealers for both of these brands. If you want to do all of your shopping in one place, we've put together some nice systems that come with everything that you need to get your sound system started.

While the amplifier section might be slightly superior in the more expensive receivers, most of the cost difference is because of additional video features found on more expensive receivers. These are functions such as 4K video upconversion, different artificial sound modes Apple AirPlay compatibility and WiFi connectivity. If you don't need these features, you might be very happy with almost any entry level receiver or one step up.

How Do I Upgrade My System?

Call us at 877-672-2834 or email us at and we will take care of everything. Upgrading is simple and requires no tools. You will also receive a discounted upgrade price and won't have to pay the "a la carte" satellite prices.

I Already Have A Subwoofer, Will It Work With ORB?

Any sub using an 8 inch woofer will be fine. Any 10" driver will work if the crossover on the sub goes up to 180Hz.  That means it is designed to work with small speakers.  Some subs only go up to 80-100Hz and are designed for bookshelf or floor standing speakers.  That may leave a gap between where the sub rolls off and the ORBs kick in.

6.5" woofers will also work but are limited in output, perfect for bedroom or small room systems. Our subMINI is an exception to this general rule because it uses very expensive components and a unique dual port system.

Can I mount them on a wall?

Can I mount them on the ceiling?

Can I mount them inside my armoire / TV cabinet?

ORBs weigh only 14 ounces and we have a complete line of custom mounts.  Under a shelf, across a corner, fireplaces, angled walls, vaulted ceilings, articulating TV arms, none of them are a problem for ORBs.

We are happy to make room placement recommendations and in fact, if you email us photos of the TV wall and then stand at the TV and take a pic of the listening area, we will mark it up and send it back showing you where we would install if it were our home.  

Please email us at  for specific recommendations or give us a call at 877-672-2834

How does ORB compare to the big brands?

Our speakers are handcrafted in USA. They are designed to enhance your decor, not be gear which takes over the room.  We started in 2003 and designed ORBs to be musical, audiophile quality components.  They are a labor of love and there are NO other speakers at this price point that are made of American steel, hand polished, hand antiqued and assembled in USA.  We work with over 40 local vendors and artisans to bring you this very special speaker and the incredible, wide open, natural sound.  There are no speakers we have tested that come close.  You just have to hear them!

We spend way more on components and design, while keeping our prices reasonable. If ORB were sold in retail stores and audio boutiques, the price would be double or even triple what you see on our site. 

What the big brands do much, much better, is advertise.  You are paying for their tremendous marketing budget. 

How loud can they play?

Not only do they CRANK, they do so with extreme clarity and finesse.  You will find that at volume, you have to raise your voice to talk to someone sitting right next to you, yet there is zero distortion.

We use an oversized magnet and voice coil to handle more power and retain a tighter magnetic grip on the cone. That is how we achieve such accuracy and detail.  A powerful Neodymium, rare earth, magnet this size is normally found in 4" or larger drivers.  It's like putting a V8 engine into a car that would normally get a 4 cylinder.  Rock and roll!

How many watts are they?

More accurately "how much power can they handle without risking damage"

ORBs are rated to handle up to 125 watts per channel.  Only amplifiers generate the power we call watts.  Subwoofers have internal amps so they do have watts.  The SubONE is a 200Watt amp that peaks to over 300.  The SubMINI is a 100 Watt amp.

Almost all speaker damage is the result of two scenarios.  A general rule is that if it sounds clean you are not doing any damage.  If it sounds really bad turn it down.

1) Too much power over too long of a duration heats up the voice coil until it melts. The circuit is then broken and the speaker is 'blown'.  This can also happen due to power surges, especially lightning strikes.  Always use a surge suppressor on your amplifier!  You will know immediately when you are 'overdriving' a speaker.  It makes an ugly, sharp snapping sound, a loud crackle.

2) Distorted signal. You have probably heard a low quality MP3 so you know what we mean by sounding gritty, grainy, lot's of static, etc. When a voice coil moves in and out along a smooth (clean) wave it dissipates heat quickly.  When a choppy (distorted) wave is applied, the coil is literally snapping back and forth thousands of times per second.  This generates lots of excess heat which can eventually melt the coil.  It's fine listening to bad signal at lower volumes just not so loud you have to raise your voice to talk to someone next to you.

It is slightly counter intuitive, but you can damage a speaker just as easily with too little power or a bad signal as you can by overdriving it with too much power.

Don't be scared...the ORBs are very robust and very few people have ever had problems with power handling!

Is ORB magnetically shielded?

ORB satellite speakers are magnetically shielded. Subwoofers are partially shielded.  We have never actually gotten a call about magnetic interference but we recommend that the subwoofer be placed at least 12 inches from anything that is magnetically sensitive.

Can I use ORB with my computer or laptop?

Yes. We have several products made exactly for this purpose.  Click here for our package for computers, TVs and Ipods.  If you already have a mini amplifier it will probably work.  

No matter what you use to power the ORBs, they will sound MUCH better than pretty much any computer speaker out there.

Can I use ORB satellite speakers without a subwoofer?

Of course, but you should only expect excellent dialogue / midrange and not much bass.  ORBs are amazing midrange speakers but to be FULL range they need a sub.  Many customers are completely satisfied using them to enhance a TV in bedrooms and small rooms where you don't want, or need, lots of bass.  You can always add the sub later.

Where do I place the speakers for best performance?

For audiophile performance, wider is better as a general rule and ideally, the separation between the Left and Right front channels should be equal to the distance from the center of the screen to the listening position.  I.E. if you are 8' back from the front wall try to get them 8' apart and at seated ear level (height).

However, most of us live in the real world where room decor dictates realistic placement options.  That is where ORB gives you an advantage.

It is an inherent characteristic of a spherical speaker to yield a very wide dispersion of sound. Even if you were to hide them up in the corners of the room, you will still get wall-to-wall sound. ORB is about not having to sacrifice your décor in order to get great sound. Click here to see the "ideal" home theater speaker locations.

My receiver manual mentions 6-8 Ohms but the MOD2 is 4 Ohms

That will not be a problem. The manufacturer's concern is about their internal power supply.  They are worried about overheating while trying to run a large, inefficent 4 Ohm tower.  ORBs are super easy to drive and we have never had a problem. Our mini amplifiers are 20 and 25 watts and they do just fine.

How do I program my remote control to work with Booster?

We are working on compiling and penetrating all of the different databases of remote codes for programming a third-party universal remote control.  While that process is underway, there are some workarounds for using a programmable remote control (from your Cable TV provider for example) with the Booster amplifier.  We use the same sensor as found in the Yamaha products so if you see a list of codes in your remote control manual for programming a Yamaha AV receiver, one of those will likely work for Booster.  A few of the popular providers / codes we have used are:

Comcast / XFinity - 30176
AT&T Uverse - 20176
Tivo - 2155,1028, 1166
Time Warner / Spectrum - 169, 205, 3200
Shaw - 0176
GE Designer Series Universal Remote - 0446

If you are unable to locate a code or are having trouble with programming, please contact us at for assistance.  Further, if you have come across another code or a different provider, please share the info with us so we can add it our list.