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How Can I Hear Them?

The best way to test any speaker is to listen to them in the room in which they will be used.  We offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, so it is easy to try Orb and to see and hear the difference in quality you receive with every Orb speaker system.   Even if you test a speaker system in a store, it is very likely to sound different when you get it home, because of greatly different room acoustics.

In addition to our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, it is possible to hear the speakers in New York and Los Angeles.  Please call 877-672-2834 or email support@orbaudio.com for further information.

Will Orb Work With My Existing Equipment?

Yes. If you have a stereo or home theater receiver, even a boom box or TV with a headphone jack or bluetooth output, Orb will work really well. 

If you already have a home theater receiver, any of our home theater speaker systems will work for you.  

If you have a stereo receiver, you can choose from our stereo/2.1 systems.  

If you would like to set up a surround sound system but do not have a home theater receiver, we offer packages that include awesome Denon & Marantz receivers paired with our speakers.  

We also have fantastic soundbar alternatives if you would just like to bring sound to a TV.

We would be happy to discuss how Orb will fit in with your existing equipment, please call 877-672-2834 or email us at support@orbaudio.com for specific recommendations.

Can I Use Orb In The Bedroom, Den Or Kid's Rooms, Or For Multi-room Applications?

Yes.  You can use Mod1 or Mod2 speakers with or without a subwoofer in bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens, playrooms or any other space where you do not wish to knock holes in the walls.  Mod1 or Mod2 speakers placed in the corners of the room (without a subwoofer) are more than enough to provide ambient sound in most situations. They will look and sound better than most in-wall speakers and you will save money for sure.  You can add a subMINI subwoofer if situations that require more bass output.  The small size of the subMINI is perfect for these applications. 

You can also use our BOOSTER mini amplifier to power speakers in these locations.

How Do I Choose Between Mod1, Mod2  & Mod4 Speakers?

A Mod2 speaker is simply two Mod1 speakers that clip together.  Mod2 speakers are louder than Mod1 speakers.  They still connect to your receiver/amp like any other speaker, with a single speaker wire.

Choose Mod2 for larger rooms or where you want more output.

You can mix and match Mod1 and Mod2, and our most popular surround sound system (the People's Choice) has Mod2 speakers for the critical front channels and easy to hide Mod1 speakers for the surround channels.

Our speakers are also modular and upgradeable, so you can upgrade a Mod1 to a Mod2, and can even turn a Mod2 into two Mod1 speakers.

A Mod4 is four Orbs connected together.  Many customers choose the Mod4 as their center channel in large rooms where they might be sitting far from the TV.  They do this so that the dialogue in movies is not drowned out by over the top special effects.

How Do I Determine Which System To Use In My Room?

If you are using our speakers for home theater (surround sound with 5 or more speakers and a subwoofer), and your room is 14 by 18 feet or smaller, then most people will be happy with our Mod1 home theater system with a Mod2 center channel. 

If you prefer more output, or if you will be listening to both music and movies, you should consider upgrading your front 3 speakers to Mod2.  This is called our People's Choice system and it is our most popular configuration of Mod1 and Mod2.

Those with larger rooms, or those who prefer the highest output should consider the Mod2 system.  A Mod4 center channel is a great upgrade for enhanced dialogue.  And you can get all Mod4 speakers if you have a large room or like your music and movies really loud!

Of course, the Mod1 is sounds fantastic on it's own.  If you are unsure, remember that our system is modular, so you can upgrade Mod1 speakers to Mod2 if you want more output, and you can even turn a Mod2 back into Mod1 and receive a refund if you feel you've ordered too much system for your room.  That means you shouldn't stress too much over the decision and you should definitely call us at 877-672-2834 or email support@orbaudio.com if you have any questions.

I Am On A Tight Budget, What Should I Do?

You should definitely consider a pair of Mod1 or Mod2’s and any low cost subwoofer you can find.  While the Mod1 and Mod2s sound best with our acoustically matched subwoofers, they also sound quite nice with many other subwoofers.  Even some inexpensive $99 subwoofers will be satisfactory for many purposes.  So, you can save a few dollars if you are willing to sacrifice some subwoofer performance, and also tolerate a larger box subwoofer.

To be even more frugal, you can use this 2 speaker system (of Mod1 or Mod2s) for both stereo and theater, forgetting about the center and rear channels for now. You will be surprised at how little you are missing. Orb speakers image so well that the dialog will still be positioned directly in the center of the TV screen without the use of a center channel. You will be losing the rear channel sound effects but saving the hassle of wiring around the room and a little bit of money there as well. This way you have a system that is optimal for listening to music, plays quite loudly and delivers most of the theater experience. You can add in the center and rears later on, since Orb is modular and upgradeable.

Do You Have Any Specific Equipment Recommendations?

Yes, we do.  Most people will be happy with the sound quality of most $200-$500 home theater receivers (retail).  It's not to say that you won't appreciate a more expensive receiver, but we do recommend that you consider what features you need before buying something in the $500-$1,000 price range.

While the amplifier section might be slightly superior in the more expensive receivers, most of the cost difference is because of additional video features found on more expensive receivers.  These are functions such as 4K video upconversion, different artificial sound modes Apple AirPlay compatibility and WiFi connectivity.  If you don't need these features, you might be very happy with almost any entry level receiver or one step up.

 Orb has complete packages that feature Orb speakers with some preselected Denon and Marantz receivers.  We are authorized dealers for both of these brands.  If you want to do all of your shopping in one place, we've put together some nice systems that come with everything that you need to get your sound system started.

How Do I Upgrade My System?

It is very easy and the upgrade path is simple.  Any Mod1, Mod2 or Mod4 speaker can be converted into any other speaker.  Call us at 877-672-2834 or email us at support@orbaudio.com and we will take care of everything. Upgrading is simple and requires no tools.  You will also receive a discounted upgrade price and won't have to pay the "a la carte" satellite prices.

I Already Have A Subwoofer, Will It Work With Orb?

Probably. Any subwoofer using an 8 inch woofer will be fine. 6.5 inch woofers will also work but are limited in output, perfect for bedroom or small room systems.  Our subMINI is an exception to this general rule because it uses very expensive components and a unique dual port system.

Subs using a 10 inch woofer will also be fine as long as they have a variable crossover that goes to at least 120. (almost all of them will). Subwoofers using a 12 or 15 inch woofer will be more difficult. More likely than not, they will not blend well with Orb or any other small sized speaker, unless they are very high quality. Please email us at support@orbaudio.com for specific recommendations.

Can I mount them on a wall?

Can I mount them on the ceiling?

Can I mount them inside my armoire / TV cabinet?

Yes. Orb can be used in desk stand, wall or ceiling mount positions.  We sell custom wall mounts, although Mod1 and Mod2s are also compatible with most popular wall mounts requiring a 1/4" threaded insert.  Please email us at support@orbaudio.com  for specific recommendations or give us a call at 877-672-2834

You can find our wall mount options here.

How does Orb compare to other mainstream products?

Our direct business model is a huge advantage that allows us to spend more on speaker components and design, while keeping our prices reasonable.  If Orb were sold in retail stores, the price would be more than twice as much!  As a guide, though, that means that you can expect our speakers to sound as good as many systems that are double in cost.

Our speakers are also handcrafted and unique.   If other companies have tiny satellites, they are still boxes, they do not blend harmoniously with your décor, they will always stand out and look like speakers.  They are also way more expensive while offering far less performance.  What they do much, much better, is advertise. You are paying for their tremendous ad budget. 

Do they play loud?

Yes, very. Orb uses a high-tech magnet technology called neodymium that is extremely powerful. This allows us to get really high volume levels from a fairly small moving cone without distortion.  It also allows our satellites to hit the highs better than most other mainstream products using a 3" or similar full-range driver.  Our custom driver also has more "excursion" which is the measurement of how far a driver moves in and out and how much air it can push.  This is another way that we make our small speakers sound like big ones.

In a "normal" sized living room (up to 14 by 20 feet), our Mod1 speakers and subONE subwoofer will play loudly enough to wake the neighbors in any apartment, coop or condo. Actually, two Mod1s and a sub can do that.  If you want "loud" though, definitely consider the Mod2 speakers for your front speakers.

How many watts are they?

Our favorite question. Watts are a measure of electrical current flowing in a wire. Speakers are passive, except for subwoofers which have their own built in amplifier. Speakers have no "watts." Only something that plugs into an electrical outlet can have watts.  So, your receiver has all the watts. Speakers get their cones pushed and pulled back and forth by those watts. 

The real question is “how many watts can they handle without blowing up”? Orb speakers are compatible with most receivers rated up to 125 watts.  They can also work with recievers of higher wattage as explained below.  Watts are not the only enemy of speakers, though.  Distortion is just as bad if not worse.  You will be safe using almost any receiver or amplifier so long as you do not play loudly enough to hear constant distortion. Distorted sound due to extreme volume is caused by the amplifier (receiver) trying to push the speaker cone out farther than it is designed to travel, or from a distorted signal being sent from the amplifier. Eventually this will cause heat to build up in the voice coil (the inner part of the moving cone that all those watts travel through) and the voice coil will burn out.

This means you can use the Orbs with receivers or amplifiers rated at more than 125 watts, so long as you are careful and avoid playing them to the point of distortion.  This is louder than most people are comfortable with.  

Since distortion is the enemy of speakers, this also means that underpowered receivers or low quality source material are just as likely to cause damage to the Orbs or any speaker.  The general rule is that if you hear distortion, you can hurt the speakers.  Even a 20 watt amp can blow a 125 watt speaker if it is playing at high distortion.  We recommend that you don't push most standard receivers much past 50% of their maximum output.  We also recommend being very careful with low bitrate MP3 files, as they can contain distortion.

Don't be scared, though...the Orbs are very robust and very, very few people have ever had problems with power handling.

Is Orb magnetically shielded?

Yes. Orb satellite speakers are magnetically shielded.  Due to the very large and strong magnets in our subwoofers, though, we recommend that the subwoofer be placed at least 12 inches from anything that is magnetically sensitive.

Can I use Orb with my computer or laptop?

Yes.  Computers do not have amplifiers, so you will need a small amplifier.  We have several products made exactly for this purpose.  Click here for our package for computers, TVs and Ipods.    You can also use basically any stereo or home theater receiver, or any mini amp (like T-Amps).  Orbs only require a real 5 watts to play very loudly, so virtually any amp will work.

No matter what you use to power the Orbs, they will sound MUCH better than pretty much any computer speaker out there.

Can I use Orb satellite speakers without a subwoofer?

Yes - well, sometimes. In a small room or a bedroom you can run a pair of Mod1 or Mod2 satellite speakers and one of our mini amplifiers.  We find that in bedroom and some multi-room applications, many people do not want or need the extra bass that a subwoofer provides. This also eliminates the physically larger subwoofer cabinet. We have experimented with using the satellites in this manner and found that for augmenting television playback, a pair of Mod1s is usually enough to provide significantly better sound than the speakers in a television. A pair of Mod2 speakers is equivalent to most bookshelf sized speakers in terms of their ability to play loud. This is of course the most décor friendly option.

Where do I put the speakers for best performance?

Since they are attractive and small, you can place them in the traditional stereo or theater configurations for optimal reproduction and suffer no aesthetic compromise.  Orb speakers are designed to sound great just about anywhere you place them.   They have a much wider listening "sweet spot" than traditional cube/rectangular speakers.

It is an inherent characteristic of spheres to have very wide dispersion of sound. Even if you were to hide them up in the corners of the room, you will still get wall to wall sound. Orb is about not having to sacrifice your décor in order to get great sound.  Click here to see the "ideal" home theater speaker locations.

My receiver is 6-8 ohms, will the Mod2 work?

Yes, the Mod2 work with every receiver we've ever tried them with, regardless of impedance rating.  This is not an issue at all.  Nominal impedance is an average rating over all frequencies, and the Mod2 have a nominal impedance of 4.7 ohms.  Minimum impedance is just as important, however, and the Mod2 do not drop below 4 ohms at any frequency.  Therefore, they do not behave the same way as large, 3 way speakers with a 4 ohm impedance might behave.  Instead, they are a much easier load on amplifiers and neither we nor any customer has ever encountered a problem.